Windermere Office Snapshot – La Quinta
In prepping for a new year, La Quinta office agents meet to discuss listings, branding and the upcoming year's events.
(Windermere La Quinta Agents pictured from left to right: Kay Burden, Lisa Schneider, Karen Guess of CV Escrow, Carolyn Uhl, Meg Maryatt, Roger Sullivan, Jack Livengood, Susan Jacobs, Stephanie Copeland, Sandy Beakey, Candida Garcia and Jeannie Spisak)

Although the summer is typically slow here and many valley residents leave town or vacation during the heat, the agents at the La Quinta office of Windermere Real Estate Southern California are busy caravanning, networking and strategizing  – while still selling!

A group of agents stopped at a local eatery at the end of a recent caravan to discuss their listings, agent branding and the use of social media. Also on the itinerary was the office’s event plans for the year including their participation in events with the City of La Quinta and the three classes of 4th graders at Oasis Elementary School in Thermal that the office adopts every year.

“This has been a busy summer for us,” noted Sandy Beakey, Managing Broker for the La Quinta office. “Normally we would be prepping for the upcoming season while the market slows down a bit. This year, we are going full throttle with prepping for the season and continuing to list and sell like last season never ended.”

With an extensive and highly successful background as a former real estate agent, Sandy has been a Managing Broker with Windermere Real Estate opening the La Quinta office in 2004 with 42 agents. Her office now serves 120+ agents, and they adore her.  “Sandy is one of the reasons I came back to Windermere when I moved back to the Coachella Valley. Our office is like a big family and Sandy really looks out for her agents,” reported La Quinta agent, Stephanie Copeland.

“I never forget what it’s like to be an agent,” responded Sandy. “Collectively, we spend a lot of time in our offices while waiting on closing papers, negotiating terms and offers. It’s important to keep everyone positive and have a little fun.”

Expect to hear more from the La Quinta office in the year ahead as they get ready for their Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas events with the kids at Oasis Elementary; as they plan their participation in the City of La Quinta’s annual Easter Egg Hunt and City Anniversary; and as they sell, sell, sell.

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