Windermere Managing Brokers Bring Experience and More

Windermere Real Estate, always a groundbreaker in the Coachella Valley and across Southern California, pioneered the concept of dedicated, non-competing Managing Brokers in each of its offices. The outcome is clear: each agent has the unlimited support of a fully licensed full-time Managing Broker.

Windermere Real Estate Managing Brokers
Windermere Real Estate Managing Brokers

This is not just a vague concept; it delivers very specific benefits to Windermere’s clients and the agents who serve them; Windermere Managing Brokers bring to their offices the combined experience of over 375 years, an average of more than 20 years each. With the real estate market continuing to reinvent itself, this vast pool of experience is a substantial asset, especially when coupled with myriad related career experiences that include Escrow, Finance, Leasing, REOs and Short Sales, Internet and Information Technology, Referrals and Relocation Services, and Real Estate Educators. Windermere Managing Brokers also serve currently with a number of Real Estate service organizations, including the National Association of Realtors and the Boards of Real Estate.

Windermere takes great pride in the superior service that is provided for every real estate transaction. Its family of experienced, professional Managing Brokers is an important component of that service.  “It’s simple,” says Bob Deville, co-owner, Windermere Southern California. “Hire the best – give them the best tools – and get out of their way.”

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