Windermere Already Smokin' Hot In Laguna Niguel!


Windermere Laguna Niguel Office Opens
Windermere Laguna Niguel Office Opens

When we opened our new Windermere office in Laguna Niguel, we knew the news would spread like wildfire. But we didn’t really anticipate the extent of the excitement that would be generated…even the Laguna Niguel Fire Department put in an appearance!

OK, so their participation wasn’t exactly a planned part of the celebration…they were actually doing what firefighters do…responding to a fire call.  Yep, it’s true.  When we turned on the heating system for the first time, smoke billowed through the ceiling. Now Windermere agents are known for getting the job done, but they also know when to step out of the way. Flames averted; festivities resumed. The grand opening drama ended on a high note, with a hearty thank-you to a great bunch of firefighers…and even more excitement than we had planned for.

And from the It’s-A-Small-World department:  Turns out one of the responding firefighters is the son of our very own Sandi Richardson, Managing Broker of the Windermere Palm Desert Cook/Hovley office. I know…cool, huh?


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