Windermere Agents – One Solid Team

On Monday, January 31, more than 400 Windermere Southern California agents came together in the Grand Ballroom of the Indian Wells Country Club for the first Windermere All-Agent Meeting of 2011.

Windermere 2001 All Agent Meeting
Windermere 2001 All Agent Meeting

Windermere does these all-agent meetings a couple of times each year. They’re always highly anticipated, always informational…and always great fun. Picture hundreds of bustling, happy Realtors® from all around the desert converging in one place for the sole purpose of discussing Southern California real estate…laughing, chatting, and giving off a crackling electricity that always accompanies the start of a new ‘season.’

The energy ramped up even more with a spot-on presentation by featured guest Mike Staver.  Mike is one of the finest motivational speakers ever to grace a podium in the world of real estate, and the theme of his energetic session, “Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience” meshed perfectly with Windermere’s own legendary mission: ensuring for each Windermere client a memorable and oh-so-satisfying real estate experience.

In a traditionally competitive business, Windermere agents truly are one big happy family. Known in the industry for their support of their fellow agents, interacting and mentoring are a huge part of the company philosophy…and it pays off for our clients.  Each Windermere agent is backed by the Windermere infrastructure, but more than that, by the support of a network of great agents spanning from Canada to the Southern California border.

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  1. More photos! More photos! This was a great event for the Windermere family of the Coachella Valley. Mike Staver was a refreshing appearance with a forthcoming style. His level of humor was a welcoming approach to a sometimes difficult task that we can all relate to. Thank you Windermere. Happy to be part of the ‘Team’.

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