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Windermere's New Caravan Bus
Windermere's New Caravan Bus

Windermere Real Estate has taken delivery of its shiny new 2011 Windermere Caravan Bus.

Windermere has long had its own dedicated van and full-time driver for carrying agents to regularly preview new Windermere listings. Now, with ample seating for 33, the NEW Windermere bus is loaded with state-of-the-art features, including full-time rear camera, GPS for optimum route mapping, and wireless internet access to enable agents to conduct real estate business on the road.  Coachella Valley residents, used to seeing the familiar blue Windermere bus around town, will be doing double-takes when they spot the custom 35′ vehicle making its rounds each week. Strikingly handsome in its sky-blue wrap and eye-catching graphics, it has already begun to criss-cross the Valley with its team of dedicated Windermere agents.

Agents appreciate being able to concentrate on the new listings and network with one another on current real estate trends as they visit each week’s newest offerings. The ability to come together and collectively walk through these fresh-on-the-market homes provides the agents with a valuable tool for marketing the properties and matching the right home to the right buyer. Transporting the agents in style provides a valuable service to the agents and their clients, saving the agents time and energy, as well as being environmentally conscientious. The engine, part of the latest generation of diesel engineering, makes use of new technology which meets the EPA’s near-zero nitrogen emission levels. With its increased seating capacity, the new Windermere bus takes more agents on their rounds while at the same time reducing the number of individual agent vehicles on the road.

Windermere prides itself on offering the finest cutting edge tools and support to its agents. In doing so, it allows them to excel at helping their clients buy and sell homes. “We understand that Windermere is the real estate leader in the Coachella Valley because of its agents,” says Bob Deville, Windermere Coachella Valley owner. “By giving them the tools to do what they do best, we ensure that our clients get what they come to us for: outstanding customer service. Where the rubber meets the road, Windermere agents are there.”


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