Top 10 Ways Staging Can Help You Sell Your Home For More

(Before and after photos above.)

1. Historically homes tend to sell in fewer days on the market when staged.

2. Homes generally sell for higher prices when they sell faster.
3. Professional staging accents the positive aspects of the home.

4. Negative elements can often be minimized or eliminated.
5. Staging leaves the impression that the home has been well-maintained.

6. It depersonalizes the residence, making it more inviting to a larger pool of potential buyers.People want to buy “their new home”, not someone else’s old home.

7. Eliminating clutter opens up the living spaces making them appear larger. A skilled designer knows just the right accessories to use to decorate and compliment for scale and style.

8. Specialized furnishing placement facilitates traffic flow and socializing areas.

9. Professional color analysis and consultation are keyed into current trends. Just as with clothing fashion, colors go out of vogue and need to be updated.
10. A staged property has the advantage over unfurnished homes since most buyers can not effectively visualize furnishings in an empty room. And, in this market, every advantage counts.

If you decide that Staging is the correct option for you, be sure to check around for the company that best suits your needs. Some stagers will only reorganize your own furnishings while others provide full decorating services and advise on everything from minor remodeling projects and paint color changes to even completely furnishing an empty residence.

The costs for Staging can vary from only a few hundred dollars for a simple redecorating plan that rearranges your own furnishings to a cost per square foot charge when staging the home with leased furniture and accessories. You can expect the square foot charges to be approximately $1.50 to $3.00 per foot of area.

Staging may also offer some tax advantages depending on your individual circumstances. The costs may be a tax deduction so check with your financial advisor to see if your property qualifies.

For more information on the benefits of staging you can contact me, John Kleppinger “The Staging Realtor” or

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