Windermere Agents and Clients Help Make Music for Thermal Students

The students of Oasis Elementary School in Thermal have something to sing about, or rather with, thanks to the great work of Windermere Southern California agents Roger A. Sullivan and Camille Pfeifer.

Windermere’s La Quinta office has been involved with the Oasis Elementary School for several years. They have adopted three of the four 4th grade classes, plus the Special-Ed class. During planned visits each year, Windermere agents deliver much needed school work essentials at the start of each year; yuletide visits bring a soccer ball plus other gifts and goodies for each child, and a year-end visit in June augments the summer reading program. Each of these visits is overseen by La Quinta’s Managing Broker, Sandy Beakey, who shared, “Giving back to the community is what we do at Windermere. It is part of our philosophy – at the agent, office and brokerage level, including the great work of the Windermere Foundation.”

Windermere La Quinta Roger Sullivan Piano Donation

So when Camille Pfeifer recently emailed her fellow Windermere agents that her clients, Sam and Nancy Weiss, were willing to donate a beautiful Sohmer & Company Walnut baby grand piano, Roger Sullivan immediately jumped on the opportunity. Making numerous calls to local businesses, Roger’s end goal was to not only get the piano donated to the Oasis Elementary School in Thermal but to have it delivered in full glory – repaired, tuned and ready to play. On-Time Moving Services Windermere

Roger successfully enlisted the help of On Time Moving Services of Cathedral City and Steve Salmacia of A 440 Piano Works in Palm Desert, who stepped up with a great response time and plan of action. Oasis Principal Dora Flores was incredibly pleased by the generous donation and the additional time and care that was put into helping restore the piano to its full glory. Dora shared that the school’s cheerleaders were already working on a routine to include the new piano and that’s just the beginning.

Windermere La Quinta Roger Sullivan Piano Thermal Donation
Roger Sullivan seated with Dora Flores, Principal of Oasis Elementary School in Thermal

“My fellow agents have been extremely generous with their time and money. For me, just seeing the smiles our visits bring and hearing the thanks from the students for what we are able to provide them is a thousand-fold return on our efforts. It’s inspired me to stretch a little,” shared Roger, who has been a constant in the outreach efforts for the Thermal school.

Roger hopes that the restoration and donation of the piano is just a beginning to helping Oasis Elementary augment their musical resources. If you have a musical instrument that you would like to donate to the school program, contact Roger by email or phone, and he will make sure it’s put to good use.

Roger can be reached at (760) 610-3245 or by email at

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