The Top Reasons To List Your Home For Sale In The Summer, Part 3
There are tremendous benefits to listing your Coachella Valley home for sale in the summer.
Listing your home for sale in the summer has tremendous benefits.

We are excited to release the last installment in our three-part series about the perks of listing your home for sale in the summer. If you want to recap, here are links to part 1 and part 2. We addressed factors with inventory and with the seasonal window, but what about marketing opportunities? Here are a few reasons why the summer is as good a time as any to list your home for sale in the Coachella Valley.

  1. Homes Feel Like Vacation!

With the sun shining, the window coverings open, and your pool sparkling and fresh, your home looks like an inviting staycation getaway that will even entice fulltime residents to act. Which brings us to our second point . . .

  1. Photos Are Better In The Summer

For the same reasons as listed above: Perfect sunny skies, an inviting pool, pristine landscaping, and more, your home looks its best in the summer. Now is the perfect time to take photos capturing the ultimate Southern California desert lifestyle your abode affords, leading us to reason number 3 . . .

  1. No Holiday Decorations!

The summer months are free of the heavy decorating holidays that land in the fall and winter, making the staging process a simple transition. Your home already looks its best and you don’t have to do much to enhance its appeal, a win-win! With your home in prime condition and low inventory levels, we come to reason number 4 . . .


Urgency has made the list on all three installments, which should tell you something – there is more urgency to buy in the summer than in season. Low inventory, small viewing windows, and minimal time to accomplish a sale mean that buyers have more urgency to their actions. If your home isn’t listed for sale, it cannot be bought.

For many of the same reasons above, the markets of San Diego and Orange County are in the prime of their season, making the third quarter one of the busiest in Southern California. Many people take time off to enjoy a vacation, travel with the kids, and enjoy the perfect weather in our region. If you are considering whether now is the time to list or buy a home, contact one of our real estate professionals to help you evaluate your options.

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