Summer Is Almost Here – Is Your Backyard Ready For The Season?

Get Your Backyard Ready For Summer With These Tips!

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for the change in the season. Here are some tips to get your backyard ready for outdoor fun, courtesy of our friends at American Home Shield.

Update and prep your patio furniture

Clean and wipe down your patio furniture. Be sure to check the cushion covers for holes, and repair or replace as needed. Touch up any rust with a color-matched metal spray paint or repaint your patio furniture altogether for an updated look on a budget. If you plan on spending less time outdoors, be sure any furniture covers are free of holes and that any straps or tie-downs are in good condition before using them over the summer.

Clean the outdoor rugs.

If you have outdoor rugs, get them in good order. Many outdoor rugs are made of all-weather polypropylene, which makes it easy to clean them with a pressure washer or a steam mop and some all-purpose cleaner.  

Pressure wash your patio.

Get your patio area ready by pressure washing it. This practice is rewarding because it makes a huge difference in the look of your outdoor space and doesn’t take much time to accomplish.

Clean and repair screens.

Did you know window and door screens should be cleaned? This is a simple weekend DIY project that will brighten up your home by letting in more light. It’s also relatively easy to repair screens yourself, so there’s no reason to tolerate bugs in your enclosed outdoor spaces anymore.  

Repair and address damaged or decayed fencing.

Examine any fencing around your property, especially wood, to determine if it needs to be repaired, reinforced, repainted, or re-stained.

Prepare your grill for additional use.

Turning on the oven during the summer is something desert residents avoid at all costs, so the grill becomes a popular way to make meals. Be sure your barbecue is ready to for heavier workload by giving it a thorough cleaning before the summer heat. Check out some helpful cleaning tips from Popular Mechanics to make tackling this task as straightforward as possible.

Switch the direction of your outdoor ceiling fans.

If you have outdoor ceiling fans installed, make sure you change their direction so they pull the hot air up and away from your space. To accomplish this, turn off your fan, flip the direction switch (usually at the base of the fan), and ensure the fan blades are spinning counterclockwise. This simple act makes a huge difference when you’re hanging outside in the heat!

Clean exterior faucet traps and inspect any outdoor hoses.

The faucet trap is a small screen at the end of a faucet that traps debris and mineral deposits. Ensure your water is flowing freely by cleaning these screens and getting rid of any build up or obstructions. To do this, unscrew the end of the faucet with a pair of pliers, remove the screen, rinse the screen of any debris, and reassemble the faucet. While you are in the flow with handling water-related household tasks, take some time to test your outdoor hoses for leaks so you can address them or replace the hose. You should also install new pipe thread to reinforce the seal between the house and the faucet.

Get your pool ready for summer.

If you have a pool, you already know the summer is when you get the most use out of this refreshing yard amenity. Swimming in a clean pool is essential, especially in the desert, which is why our friends at American Home Shield have put together simple pool maintenance tips to ensure you have a sparkling experience in your own private oasis. Follow this link and  get your pool in shape for summer

Check your patio and porch lights.

Summer nights outside are a treat in the desert and a highlight of our unique lifestyle. Check your exterior lights to ensure your bulbs aren’t burned out or in need of replacement. If you do need to replace lights, use LED bulbs if possible to maximize energy savings and enjoy longer bulb life.

Get your bug defenses ready.

If you have any bug zappers or traps around your property, check them to ensure they are in good working condition after strong use in the spring. Also make sure you are stocked with citronella candles to keep pests like mosquitoes away.

Trim trees and shrubs.

The cooler spring days are a great time to trim your trees and shrubs in advance of the summer. Pruning improves the aesthetic of your space as well!

Create ambience with fun lighting.

If you want to elevate the good vibes of your yard, try installing solar lights. With a variety of options on the market, and daily sunshine practically guaranteed, it’s a low-effort, high-reward element that will add a festive touch to your space.

Follow outdoor summer safety best practices.

With time spent outside, make sure your spaces are safe and free of any hazards. Inspect your pool fencing to ensure it is secure, check your patios and walkways for any potential problems, and review any safety issues with outdoor play equipment. You can check out these summer safety tips for a broader list of things to prepare for a safe summer.

Set your sprinklers for summer.

If you have grass in your yard, the winter and spring turf will recede as the heat arrives and your summer grass will come in. If you aren’t going to let your lawn go brown, be sure to check your sprinklers to make sure they are in working order. You should also change the settings so you are watering at an appropriate amount. This is also a great time to fill in any bare spots in your yard with summer or patch repair seed.

Consider outdoor upgrades.

Look at your outdoor space and think about ways to improve upon your setup. Perhaps you want to install a misting system, more shade, new light fixtures or accents, or other upgrades that align with your budget and your needs. Making these changes now will give you more time to enjoy them, and your backyard, this summer.

Consider other home updates before summer.

The days of double-digit weather are waning, so now is the time to address any home maintenance or larger projects that will be difficult to accomplish in the summer. Larger weather-proofing items like installing a new roof, replacing windows and doors, and building out a new patio or outdoor lounging area, should be tackled ASAP if they are on your checklist.

Many of the projects above are achievable with a little bit of effort and time over the course of a weekend. Making these small investments now will be worth it when you are enjoying the rewards of a refreshed yard during the summer months.

Please take the appropriate safety precautions and ensure your project complies with any applicable federal, state, or local laws and regulations. DIY tips are for informational purposes only.

Bennion Deville Homes assumes no responsibility, and specifically disclaims all liability, for your use of any and all information contained herein.

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