Sidney Sheldon's Running Water Estate

The late Sidney Sheldon’s Running Water Estate was used exclusively as a five bedroom, six and half bath guesthouse! Realtors Scott Palermo and Jim Sanak offer a video tour of the property which is one of the homes that makes up the author’s Compound.

Like many homes in the area, the pool is in the completely private and gated front yard.

The Suit of Armor isn’t for sale, but everything’s negotiable.

The backyard is an amazing Living Desert-style oasis.

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Asking prices:
The Sidney Sheldon Estate $1,700,000.
The Former Rockefeller Estate $1,900,000 (located next door).
Running Water Estate $2,200,000 (across the street).

The three homes are shown, by appointment, to qualified buyers. To contact the agents visit:

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