Read Any Good Books Lately?
Julie Anne Brown, of Windermere Real Estate
Julie Anne Brown, of Windermere Real Estate

Everybody enjoys a good who-dunnit, right? Well, we’ve got one for you! “Murder Before Noon” is an old-fashioned page turner that takes place within the mystical and exciting world of Palm Springs real estate. It’s really fun to read a book about a place so close to home. And what makes it even more fun is that it was written by one of our own: Julie Anne Brown, a former Coachella Valley Realtor, and a current member of Windermere’s family of exceptional administrative staff. Julie writes from her own knowledge of the real estate world, and takes the reader on a twisting, turning insider’s journey, beginning with the discovery by Kendra McIntyre of a woman’s body in the walk-in closet of a home she is preparing to hold open. And then…nope. I’m not gonna tell you, you’ve got to read it on your own. The plot thickens…

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