Q & A About Heritage Palms Country Club

Here are two questions that Windermere real estate agent Bonnie Peabody says she gets from almost everyone looking to buy a home in Heritage Palms.
“You told me about the 6 month rental restriction, but what if I want to have guests or family visit my home at times when I am not there, will I get into trouble?”
“No,” says Bonnie, “the rule was written by the developer and full-time residents really appreciate it. Your home can host your guests for any time with or without you being present. What they will not be able to do, however, is receive your full benefits, owner rate at golf course, use of the fitness center or pool. The golf course and restaurant are open to the public, though, and will be happy to take your credit card.”

“The second question that I hear most,” she says, is “How do you keep your HOA so low when you own all the amenities, golf, tennis, pools, fitness center, ball room and kitchen?”

“My answer is that the HOA has hired an effective manager and he, along with our elected board of directors, have been doing a great job of tracking and forcasting costs.”
If you have a question for Bonnie, or would like to know more about Heritage Palms, please visit her website.

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