Office Manager Frances Chafe Makes The News

Palm Springs Main Office Manager, Frances Chafe, is making news, again.

In an article by reporter Patti Myers, on the front page of the Desert Sun Sports Section, Sunday, July 19, Francis and her son, Nicholas, were profiled.

Titled “Mom, son bond over bikes – Cathedral City track brings families together,” the article continues “Frances Chafe was a little hesitant signing up her 5-year-old for team sports.

She heard the stories about rough play, too many players sitting on the sidelines and the out-of-control parents.

As a single parent to Nicholas, she said that time will come when he is bigger, stronger and more learned, but for now she’s happy that she took one of his favorite sports and turned it into a learning experience.

Both are BMX bike racers and participate in events twice weekly at the BMX track tucked behind East Palm Canyon Drive near the Target in Cathedral City.

“Nick really loved to ride bikes and since we live in a gated condo complex, it’s really hard for him to go off and bike,” said Chafe, a Palm Springs resident and real estate office manger. “There are no little boys for him to play with. So after a while, my mom (Bonnie) found a track and I took him there. On the first night, he loved it. He’s learning about taking care of the equipment with a sense of accomplishment. (The bikers earn trophies on a weekly basis). And at 5, I don’t have to worry about getting him to two or three practices a week and games on the weekend.” You can read the rest of the story at

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