Bennion Deville Homes Spreads Cheer at Oasis Elementary School
The Bennion Deville Homes La Quinta Office visited Oasis Elementary School for the holidays, sending the students into their holiday break with new toys, treats, and spreading holiday cheer.
Members of the Bennion Deville Homes La Quinta Office visited Oasis Elementary School in Thermal to send this kids off into the holidays with gifts and good cheer.

The La Quinta Office Makes Things Bright For Students

The agents and staff of the La Quinta office of Bennion Deville Homes, located at 47-350 Washington Street, have donated time and resources to the 4th grade classes at Oasis Elementary School in Thermal since 2007. As a time-honored tradition between the office and the students at Oasis Elementary School, the Christmas visit is one of the most popular among the students. Continuing this annual commitment, members of Bennion Deville Homes La Quinta, including agents Roger Sullivan, Candida Garcia, Josie Lerma, and staff, including Managing Brokers Sandy Beakey and George Baca, as well as Scott Woodard, recently visited the kids to brighten their spirits and spread holiday cheer. Many of the children at the school are underprivileged and come from families with little means, making the donations and support that much more critical and meaningful, especially during the holiday season.

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This year at holiday time, the children received goody bags filled with fun gifts and snacks, as well as soccer balls. In addition to the presents, Bennion Deville Homes agents and staff handed out juice to the kids. In return for their gifts, the kids created thank you cards for the Bennion Deville Homes office, signed by all students in the classes. The cards were presented to Managing Broker Sandy Beakey and Real Estate Agent Roger Sullivan, who puts in hours of his personal time to coordinate the trip, purchase the gifts and supplies, and package it all for each class.

“This is always such a wonderful occasion to see the kids, spend time with them, and give them a treat for the holidays,” says Sandy Beakey. “Each student is so thankful for the gifts and you can see how much joy the visit brings to them. These are amazing, kind, and genuinely nice kids, so it is extra rewarding for everyone involved to brighten their season.”

Bennion Deville Homes began working with Oasis Elementary School 4th graders after learning that only one of the four classes was receiving support. As a result, agents and staff began visiting three 4th grade classes and the special needs children three times a year (at the beginning of the school year, during the holidays, and at the end of the school year) with the items given to each student varying based on the season. The bond between the students and Bennion Deville Homes representatives grows strong, with the kids referring to them as their “Fairy Godparents.”

When Bennion Deville first began working with Oasis Elementary School, it was on a dirt road with no heating or air conditioning and few resources. Now, the school is growing, including a music room for the children to enjoy. To help start the music program, Bennion Deville Homes donated a piano, violin, drumsticks, and drums. “We love coming to the school and interacting with the kids. It is a very moving experience to know that we are making such a big impact in their lives. Our partnership is special, and we look forward to continuing to visit for years to come,” Sandy concludes.

“As a community leader, we try to give back whenever and wherever we can to ensure that we are making the Coachella Valley a better place for all,” states Bennion Deville Homes Co-Owner Bob Deville. “What the La Quinta office has created through acts of kindness with the 4th grade students, faculty, and families at Oasis Elementary School is simply remarkable. The strong bond with the community and the generosity shown by our agents and staff is inspiring and embodies the spirit of community that we strive to achieve. It is a great feeling to know that the lives of many are bettered through our office’s efforts, and we are proud of all involved. We would like to congratulate Sandy, George, and the La Quinta office on their successful support of these students and encourage them to continue to be advocates for these children each year.”

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