Explore the Creative Side of the Coachella Valley with Desert X 2021
Desert X is quickly hailed around the global thanks in part to impressive installations, such as Mirage by Doug Aitken, a mirrored house built into the desert landscape.
Mirage, a Desert X 2017 installment by Doug Aitken, became a local and global phenomenon as a popular piece from the inaugural Desert X event. Desert X 2021 promises to deliver the same awe-inspiring collection of thought-provoking art.

Returning for its third installment, Desert X 2021 brings a fresh set of creative visionaries to use the Coachella Valley and the surrounding desert landscapes as a canvas. Running March 12th through May 16th, residents and visitors alike can explore landmarks dotted throughout the desert, designed to inspire intrigue, imagination, and provocative thought. This year’s show is curated by Artistic Director Neville Wakefield and Co-Curator César García-Alvarez with an overarching theme that centers on the desert as both a location and an idea, with exhibitions that will examine the people who inhabit our area through a variety of political, social, and cultural contexts and lenses.

The Wishing Well, located in North Palm Springs, is one of several popular Desert X 21 installations.
The Wishing Well is one of several Desert X 21 installations.

This highly popular and buzz-worthy creative collection began in 2017, with prominent displays that captured the attention and imagination of thousands of desert dwellers and visitors. With awe-inspiring works erected over the years, some incorporating the unique topography into an artistic statement, such as a reflective house, a black and white sinusoidal wall, a giant red box, a circle of soaring mirrors, and other stunning exhibitions, Desert X quickly and effectively drew attention to the Coachella Valley as an artistic destination and a place to explore both nature and one’s self. This year’s exhibition will include fresh pieces and concepts from over a dozen artists, with a wide band of original ideas at the core of each.

In addition to presenting the opportunity to discover new natural and artistic desert landmarks, Desert X 2021 is the first major open-air event to take place in the desert since last year. With free admission and all of the exhibitions located outdoors, it presents the perfect opportunity to do something different and engaging while expanding your understanding and perspective of our local area. Plus, the sublime late winter and early spring weather will cast the experience in a wash of perfectly warm temperatures and bright, sunny days.

For more information on Desert X 2021, including the lineup of artists and a recap of previous installments by year (2017 and 2019), check out the Desert X website.

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