Eggs, The Next Course

Families and Windermere Agents enjoying the Easter festivities!!
Families and Windermere Agents enjoying the Easter festivities!!

But wait! There’s MORE! Our own George Baca, Managing Broker of the Windermere Indio office, prompts you to don your Easter bonnet (or Easter bowler, if you’re not into frilly hats), grab your Easter basket and scamper off to one of the two fabulous Easter Egg Hunts being co-sponsored by Windermere Real Estate and the Desert Recreation District.  Yep, that’s right…take your pick:  Both Indio’s Community Center Park (46th and Clinton) and Veterans Park in Coachella (4th Street between Orchard and Vine) will be filled with the sound of happy, giggling children and startled birds and squirrels as kids wander the terrain looking for the stuff of next week’s egg salad sandwiches.

And (hold onto your bonnets and bowlers!) the Easter Bunny is making an appearance at BOTH of these spectacular events as well! If I didn’t know better, I’d think maybe he’s using a double for some of this stuff now that he’s a big movie star. But I digress…

The Hunts in both locations are scheduled from 10am to Noon, and both Hunts are FREE. Events are scheduled for groups 3-10 years of age, and 11-15 years of age.

We used all the egg jokes in the first post, so you’re safe… omletting you off easy.

What a crackup.

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