Brokers Go Friday Four-Wheeling

Windermere owners Bob Bennion and Bob Deville spent last Friday at their Garner Valley Ranch with their Coachella Valley office brokers, for just a little horsing around.

“It is important to remember those that guide our agents and offices through the real estate maze. We are very fortunate to have the support we do, and we just wanted a down day to say ‘Thank you,’” says Bob Deville.

Top photo: Top row, David Cantwell (Palm Springs Main) left, Diana Weiss (Rancho Mirage), Charlie White (Indian Wells), Nathan Heibeck (Palm Springs South), Emily DiSimone (Palm Desert, Cook & Hovley). Bottom row, Don Rosignol (Palm Desert, San Pablo), Sandy Beakey (La Quinta), Bob Bennion (at the steering wheel), Bob Deville (standing).

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