Bennion and Deville’s Windermere SoCal Gets Its Realtors® Blogging
Martin Duggan, Windermere SoCal's Communications and Social Media Specialist, held workshops to teach Realtors about blogging.
Windermere SoCal Communications and Social Media Specialist Martin Duggan recently held workshops to teach Windermere Realtors about the benefits of blogging.

Bob Bennion and Bob Deville, Co-Owners of Windermere Real Estate SoCal, have always emphasized individual agent branding, providing their agents access to a world-class creative and marketing team. From a unique logo and color scheme to personalized websites, Bennion and Deville, who are agents themselves, understand what it takes to stand out and be successful as a Realtor® in the modern business landscape. As an extension of its emphasis on agents creating a unique identity, all of the offices, from Little Italy up to Laguna Beach, received a workshop on blogging from Communications and Social Media Specialist Martin Duggan. The workshop detailed how to get started, tips for content, and outlined writing styles that are appropriate for the medium.

“The goal of my workshop is to introduce our Realtors® to the benefits of blogging, from its SEO benefits to providing additional confirmation in a client’s mind that they are the expert in the field and the neighborhoods in which they serve,” says Martin. “From the top down, starting with ‘The Bobs,’ we believe that the greater your presence on the internet to back up your position as the go-to real estate specialist, the more credibility you as a professional have and the more opportunities you will earn to succeed in this business. I want our team to be as active in the blogging community as possible and, most of all, I want them to have fun showing off their unique personalities and creativity while doing it.”

“We stand by our creed of providing unparalleled tools and support to our agents,” says Bob Deville. “By offering these types of workshops and educational opportunities, we are enhancing our agents’ branding repertoire and giving them the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.”

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