Bennion Deville Homes Gives Holiday Joy to Oasis Elementary School
The Bennion Deville Homes La Quinta office, led by Broker Associate Roger Sullivan, donated a truck full of goodies to 80 4th graders at Oasis Elementary School this December.
Bennion Deville Homes Broker Associate Roger Sullivan poses with some of the haul given to students at Oasis Elementary School.

The Bennion Deville Homes La Quinta office agents and staff, located at 47-350 Washington Street, recently provided some holiday goodies to the 4th grade students at Oasis Elementary School in Thermal. Although the gifts weren’t given in person this year, Roger Sullivan, Broker Associate, and his Bennion Deville Homes colleagues found a way to brighten the students’ holidays. Roger dropped off 80 gift bags and soccer balls for the students to pick up with their weekly assignments, ensuring all of the students could share in the magic of the season.

  • The Bennion Deville Homes La Quinta office, led by Broker Associate Roger Sullivan, donated a truck full of goodies to 80 4th graders at Oasis Elementary School this December.

Agents and staff from the La Quinta office have donated time and resources to the 4th graders since 2007, with Roger Sullivan organizing the donation drives, packaging the goodies, and coordinating the visits, among other duties. Continuing the annual tradition this year, although a challenge and different, was as important as ever. “We put together gift bags that could go to all of the students along with a soccer ball so they can still get their exercise and play outside,” says Roger Sullivan. “Although we missed visiting in person out of respect for the ongoing health crisis, it still feels good to know we are making a difference in the lives of these kids and their families.” Many of the children at the school are underprivileged and come from families with little means, making the donations and support that much more critical and meaningful, especially during the holiday season. In return for their gifts, the kids created online thank you cards for Roger and the Bennion Deville Homes office.

Bennion Deville Homes began working with Oasis Elementary School 4th graders after learning that only one of the four classes was receiving support. As a result, agents and staff began visiting three 4th grade classes and the special needs children three times a year (at the beginning of the school year, during the holidays, and at the end of the school year) with the items given to each student varying based on the season. The office now supports all of the 4th grade classes. The connection between the students and Bennion Deville Homes representatives grows strong, with the kids referring to them as their “Fairy Godparents.”

“The bond our La Quinta office agents and staff have developed with the students, families, and faculty at Oasis Elementary School is remarkable and inspiring,” says Bob Deville, Co-Owner of Bennion Deville Homes. “We try to give back wherever and whenever we can because we want to make our communities and neighborhoods a better place for all to live and enjoy. The enduring relationship the La Quinta office has with the school, and the generosity shown by our agents and staff, embodies the spirit of community that we strive to achieve. It is a great feeling to know that the lives of many are bettered through our office’s efforts, and we are proud of all involved. We congratulate the La Quinta office on its successful support of these students and encourage our agents and staff to continue to be advocates for these children each year.”

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