A Different Perspective: The Benefits of Living a Rural Lifestyle
There are many benefits to rural living, including independence, being immersed in nature, and serenity.
Rural living has its benefits, including being closer to nature, privacy, and independence.

Although suburban and city living has broad appeal for obvious reasons, including access to amenities, social opportunities, proximity to hubs of commerce and employment, ease of transportation, arts and culture scenes, etc., there are many benefits to living remotely. Demand for rural living has skyrocketed in recent months thanks in part to current events, however, there are benefits to living in a remote location that will last long beyond the eventual containment of coronavirus. Many locales offer the best of both worlds – private seclusion but within close proximity to major city and suburban centers.

Rural life allows you to control your living environment, independence, and wellbeing that may not be available in the future in the city or suburbs. Advancements in technology provide opportunities in the country that have not been available in the recent past. The outbreak of COVID-19 highlights the need for being prepared, and country living offers the opportunity to be prepared regardless of what happens in the future. In the past, people have been reluctant to consider the “what if” world, often considered to include a current lifestyle “guaranteed” not to change. This is no longer true when people consider where they live with their dependence on local services. This recognition should increasingly appeal to the concerned population who want to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Country living offers these opportunities.

Below are some characteristics and benefits to a rural lifestyle for those who are considering a change of scenery.

Characteristics of Country Living:

Rural living offers the ability to connect closer to nature, including beautiful night skies.
Connecting to nature, including star-flooded night skies, is a huge benefit of rural living.

Clean Air, Beautiful Blue Skies, and Abundance of Evening Stars and Full Moon: Country living allows you to appreciate the natural wonders that cannot be duplicated by humanity; enjoying for the first time the ability to breathe air free from pollution. These benefits improve both your physical and mental health.

Proximity to Outdoor Recreation: Country living provides opportunities for local hiking, horseback riding, fishing, room for ATVs, and exploring fun places. To appreciate nature, get off the path and explore.

Serenity: Country life is peaceful, less stressful, and relaxing, recognizing an ability to hear “silence.”

Privacy: Country life means less crowds, more quiet time, and less intrusions.

Having and enjoying animals: Country living offers fewer restrictions on enjoying the benefits of having domesticated animals. In addition, living in nature provides greater opportunities to appreciate wildlife at your doorstep including the sounds of birds and the movements of deer, coyotes, mountain lions, and bobcats, as viewed through your windows.

Physical and Mental Health: Having open spaces with opportunities for long range mountain views, preferably adjacent to State Lands, allows you to explore your creativity, lowers the risk of anxiety and mood disorders that are frequently common with City living. These benefits come with improving short term memory and lowering blood pressure.

Providing Independence and Quality Lifestyle:

Living rurally also means you have the ability to raise large domesticated animals, including horses.
Many people who decide to live in a rural location have large domesticated animals such as horses and other large animals.

Nearby Location Considerations: Although rural, it is important to choose a location that is preferably within an hour’s drive of entertainment, quality restaurants, shopping, live theater, concerts, and medical resources that have outstanding hospitals, doctors, and other medical and emergency response specialists.

Connecting To Technology: In selecting a rural community consider the importance of having access to 100 Mbps high speed internet service allowing you to work from home, avoiding the need for long congested commutes, keeping in contact with local, domestic and international developments, online education, investment and financial services, streaming/entertainment, and having access to online shopping delivered to your door.

Providing for Personal Independence: Country living offers an opportunity to be self-sufficient with your personal water supply, water storage, and enough acreage to develop your legacy, such as a family farm or vineyard, and a land solar power system independent of outside world.

A Different Perspective: Living in the city people mistakenly assume the existence of available resources while country living focuses on your attention toward personal planning with anticipation of future needs.

Sharpening Different Skills: Country living promotes development of practical skills, independence, and self-assurance.

Living rurally also encourages a high-quality lifestyle with lots of open space and an ability to make your own sanctuary.
A high-quality, relaxed lifestyle is a huge benefit to rural living, aided by the ability to be closer to nature and build your own sanctuary space.

Living In A Four-Star Home: Although you may choose a simpler home environment, opportunities exist to live in style and enjoy characteristics of living in a high-end resort with design and technology features that are distinguished. No longer subject to improvements with setback constraints, your creativity can be demonstrated in your site development bringing a formality, if desired, that is surrounded by natural beauty.

Developing Your Own Zen: People deprived of greenery suffer in many ways; enjoying the natural surroundings and having the ability to create your own park-like setting offers great personal benefits to wellbeing.

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