All Sizzle and No Steak? NOT AT WINDERMERE!

Windermere Real Estate Chino Hills Barbeque
Windermere Real Estate Chino Hills Barbeque


Windermere Agents LOVE the business of Real Estate. They love helping their clients buy and sell property, and they get that great feeling from providing awesome customer service.  You know it’s true, because our clients keep coming back for more of that fabulous Windermere Experience.

Now Windermere Chino Hills agents have come up with yet another way to have fun helping their clients buy and sell homes: MARCH MADNESS! Splitting their great agents into two groups, the Blue Team and the White Team, the (friendly) battle began…and at the end of the day, the Blue Team won…so THEY got STEAK. The White Team got barbecue too…hot dogs…AND…they had to serve the Blue Team. But don’t feel too sorry for them…check out the photo. Looks like they ALL had a great time. And serving it up over a hot grill? One of the best chefs in town…Rich King himself, owner of Windermere Chino Hills’ King Realty Group.  Says Rich: “We all enjoy a friendly contest among the group to promote camaraderie and share knowledge.  We’re adding inventory as we head into our spring/summer selling months.  As the agents participate in group prospecting activities with their team mates, they discover even more ways to build their listings, which ultimately serves the clients with more great inventory to choose from.” He adds, “And it’s FUN!”
Congratulations, Chino Hills, you’re ALL sizzlin’ hot!

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