10 Best Home Security Apps to Consider For Your Property
American Home Shield offers a list of the 10 best home security apps.
Check out a list of the 10 best security apps, courtesy of our friends at American Home Shield.

Securing Your Home From the Palm of Your Hand

Are you getting ready for a vacation but wish there were a way to monitor your house while you are gone? You are in luck! Our friends at American Home Shield have hand-picked the 10 best home security apps. Use this list, organized in no particular order, to find the best way to secure your home while you are away, and learn more about home security systems.


If you’ve ever dreamed of commanding Alexa to turn on your home security, we have good news: ADT has made your dreams come true! The ADT Control app allows you to do that and more, delivering a wide range of home security features you can access from your mobile device. You can peek inside and outside your home, turn off appliances, and arm or disarm your system—all while you are away from your house. The home security control app even offers Apple Watch integration and geo-fencing.


Nest’s comprehensive features give you control to any connected Google Home device, including thermostats, lightbulbs, speakers, and more. The Nest total security package includes a Nest doorbell, camera, and check-in hub so you can always see what’s happening inside and outside your home. With Nest Aware, you can even keep a log of familiar faces to reduce the number of alerts.


SimpliSafe is intuitive, user-friendly, budget-friendly, and offers some of the best home

Security features, with full-color HD cameras and real-time alerts. It also has safeguards in case the power goes out, and smart motion sensor technology that can differentiate your dog and other pets from the intruder it’s guarding you against.


Ring offers top-of-the-line security cameras along with comprehensive smart home integration, including Alexa, smart locks, light switches, and sensors. It also includes cloud video storage, backup internet, and a home security alarm with professional monitoring—all at an affordable price. It even has a Ring for Pets feature so you may watch and listen to your furry family members from afar. You can even talk to them through the Ring speaker! With the additional Neighbors by Ring app, you know your community is helping your home stay safe, too. Ring is great for creating a smart home on a budget.


Vivint is a full-service home security app that allows you to remotely arm and disarm your system, view camera feeds, receive alerts, answer your doorbell, and lock or unlock your doors. The app also customizes your smart home using AI technology to learn your family’s habits. The Sky assistant automatically changes the temperature in your home to conserve energy, and save you money, depending on how long you are away. Even though it’s more expensive than others on this list, this is a fantastic home security app option due to its full customization options, professional installation, and the option to try with month-to-month plans.


Abode is founded by a former ADT executive and combines the power of technology with user-friendly simplicity. It offers flexible plans and compatibility with most smart home systems, making it a great option for people with larger homes due to its far-reaching sensor detection.


The Alarm.com security app integrates your current system with all your connected devices, including your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, and smartwatch. You can even tell Alexa to arm your system, lock the doors, change the temperature, and turn your lights off. Learn more about alternatives to lock and key front doors.


Frontpoint security systems have many things going for them. They are easy to install and come with a mobile app offering a live video feed, identity theft protection, and smart home integration.


Comcast now offers top-of-the-line home security services though Xfinity. With the Xfinity app, you can control your alarm system, door locks, lights, and thermostat, as well as receive notifications about smoke and water detections.


If you are looking for a lower cost option, have extra or old iOS (Apple) devices handy, and don’t have major security concerns, Presence may be the home security app solution for you. Instead of purchasing and installing cameras and equipment around your home, the Presence home security camera app transforms old iOS devices into home security cameras. Simply place your old iPad or iPhone in the direction you want to view, secure it, and use your Wi-Fi connection to stream live videos to your main device

How Else Can I Protect My Home?

Once you choose the right home security app for your home, consider protecting your property with a home warranty. American Home Shield® provides coverage for parts of up to 23

home systems and appliances that you use every day. Enjoy peace of mind—even while

you’re away—that your hardworking household items are covered by a home warranty. They

even protect your electronic devices. Compare American Home Shield plans today.

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