Windermere Celebrates Market Share Success

Windermere Rancho Mirage Celebrate Sales!
Windermere Rancho Mirage Celebrate!

Windermere’s Rancho Mirage office agents and administrative staff got together on the rooftop patio for snacks and conversation (okay, it was a PARTY) to celebrate their hard work.

Last year, Diana Weiss, the office’s Managing Broker, had promised a party when the office attained close to 50% market share of ALL closed sales in Rancho Mirage.  Well, that’s exactly what happened in January…so bring on the confetti and streamers!  And food…oh gosh, the FOOD! Who knew…in addition to being an awesome Transaction Coordinator, Cathy Potter is an executive chef…and who knew that Chris Pierson, our own jack-of-all-trades, is a student of the culinary sciences?…and who knew that Chris’s gorgeous fiancé, Aja, could put together such tantalizing baked desserts?  Windermere co-owners Bob Bennion and Bob Deville joined in and took the occasion to express their gratitude for the hard work. After all, what a wonderful accomplishment! 

Good job, everybody!

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