Windermere Agents Kick Up Dust At The Garner Valley Hoedown
Windermere Hoedown...YEE HAW!
Windermere Hoedown...YEE HAW!

If you’ve worked with a Windermere agent, you already know they are some of the hardest working folks around.  But all work and no play…

That’s why once a year, the Bobs throw a two-steppin,’ spur-spinnin’ party to give all those Jacks and Jills a chance to kick up a little dust…and you better believe they know HOW!

Windermere Hoedown, A Day of Fun In The Country
Windermere Hoedown, A Day of Fun In The Country

So Sunday, September 25, here’s what went down: Right around 2:00, Windermere folks started pullin’ up to the Garner Valley Community Center. Now let’s back up a bit and tell y’all about this gorgeous place…you point yer ride up Highway 74 past El Paseo in Palm Desert…and you just keep climbin’ until you find yourself in one of the prettiest little valleys in the whole durn range. Log homes, horses, emerald pastures and fields of wildflowers. It’s flat-out paradise on a mountain road, and 20-25 degrees cooler than the desert floor!  Anyway, back to the party…About 400 of Windermere’s finest brought their families out, and commenced to chowin’ down (cheeseburgers, hot dogs, potato salad…you know, vittles) and sippin’ on sodas (just enough beer, wine and soft drinks to keep from bein’ parched). Let’s see, what else…a dunk tank for keepin’ the young‘ns cool, a chicken drop to satisfy them bettin’ types…and horse n’ buggy rides, shuffleboard, horseshoe throwin’ and other goin’s on to keep everybody outta trouble. And then the boot-scootin’ started! Well, y’all never heard a better band than The Arrangements, headed up by Patrick Mahon from So-Cal Direct Lending. Talk about crowd-pleasin’ tunes, these boys gave it their all, and played ‘til sunset.

Windermere agents sure do love the chance to spend a little time together and catch up on what’s goin’ on, and I mean to tell you that Hoe-Down was more fun than a rodeo clown on rubber roller skates…Yee HAAAWWWW!

Okay, now, everybody.  Back to work.

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