We Salute Our Military Veterans


The years of military service given by our Coachella Valley Windermere agents (listed below) spans six decades, from the 1950s to the the present.

“We’re proud of all our Windermere agents. But we’re extra proud of our military veterans each year on Veterans Day,” say Bob Deville and Bob Bennion. 

Richard Albers – 1958-1960
US Navy, Lt. LG.

Jim Atwood – 1956-1966
USAF on active duty early in the cold war from 1956 to 1959 flying in SAC B-47’s. I retired as a Captain from inactive reserve in 1966.

Jack Banks Served – 1969-1976
Oregon National Guard (Army) assistant to Brigade Surgeon.

Bruce Blomgren – Served 1968-1972
Vietnam war era vet. US Air Force, Grade E-4, Computer Maintenance Specialist.

Ted Broome – 1960-1964
Served in the USAF.I attended the USAF Russian Language School at Indiana University.

Joe Cain – Served 1954-1957
I was an air force pilot for three years, between wars. I never shot or bombed anyone in anger! Very proud to have been a vet.

David Carden – Served 1968- 1970
I was a medic for 18 months with the 82nd Airborne in Vietnam, was a Specialist 5 at discharge and was honored to receive the Bronze Star for my service. Upon my return from Vietnam I served as the NCOIC for Medical Processing at the Presidio San Francisco.

Ed Cullinan – Served 1950-1967
Enlisted at the age of 17 in the U.S. Marine Corps; went thru boot camp at Paris Island, South Carolina; advanced infantry training at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, and from there to Camp Pendleton. Later stationed in Vietnam for two years. Main job was land mine warfare and demolitions. Honorably discharged in 1967 at the rank of sergeant.

Richard Cusolito – 1957-1961
I spent four and a half years in the Air Force. Boot camp at Lackland AFB Training and work at Travis AFB. Three and a half years RAF Station, Upper Heyford England, 3918th Air Police Squadron. Terrific years that I would gladly do all over again.

Raleigh DeBow – Served 1951-1953
During the Korean “Conflict” I was drafted. I was in the US Army Infantry, at Fort Ord, CA (training), Far East Command (Assigned to a Regimental Combat Team in Okinawa). Honorably Discharged as Sergeant in 1953.

Jerry Doherty – Served 1960-1964
I served in the U. S. Marine Corps. Attained the rank of Corporal (E-4) as a Repair Shop Machinist. Honorable Discharge.

John Donnelly – Served 1966-1968
U.S. Army, 1st Lt Infantry, Fort Benning, GA and U.S. Army Pacific.

John Easton USN CTRC – Served 1960-1980.
Current area president if Navy League of U.S

Bob Eisenman Served – 13 years during WWII in the Pacific.
U.S. Navy and U.S. Army in Korea.

Richard Engle – Served 1966-1969
Staff Sergeant, US Army Security Agency.

Jim Fry – Served 1968-1971
I’m a Vietnam veteran and spent one full year in Vietnam, during the war.

Bob Garmisa – Served 1962-1968
U.S. Army. I was a Hospital Unit Medic. Total of six years service, both active and reserves.

Mike Z. Haque – Served 1998-2005
Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps. I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan, 29 Palms, CA and Parris Island, South Carolina. My military occupation was Logistics, Martial Arts Trainer and Marksmanship Trainer.

Stephen Hodge – Served 1970-1971
I am a Vietnam vet having served aboard the nuclear “Fast-Attack” submarine “Sargo” in the South China Sea in 1970-71 which was home ported in Pearl Harbor and Subic Bay Philippines. We were submerged for two months at a time (without surfacing) collecting data and “monitored” activity in a huge area of ocean as well as some coastal “interests”. It was scary and exciting and sometimes dangerous. I was very proud to have served.

Darrel Hume Served 1970-1976
U.S. Army Reserve.

Randy Kuehnel – Served 1969-1971
I was in the Army from March 1969 to March 1971. I was one of our country’s last draftees. I served in the Military Police and also played golf for the Army on the Fort Ord golf team. This was the height of the Vietnam war and also “Flower Power”. I was stationed at Presidio of San Francisco and later at Fort Ord.

Ron Lindemann – Served 3 years during the Korean conflict.
I love the word conflict the political spin placed on this war which still has 15,000 troops on the Southern border of Korea. More men and women were lost in this “Conflict” than in the 2nd World War. The totals exceeded 50,000 lost. I served in the US Army and trained 16 weeks in Fort Ord, California. Sent to Fort Benning, Georgia to attend Officers Candidate School for 16 weeks. Sent back to Fort Ord to run 8 week schools in Advanced Infantry Training at the East Garrison out side of Fort Ord. (We lived in tents in the woods.) Snipper School, Dog Training, and rapid firing weapons not taught in the 16 weeks of basic training. The schools kept me out of that hell hole and when my time became too short to serve as an officer in the theater of combat they sent me to Europe with our troops stationed our side of Frankfort. I closed out my tour in the European theater and pleased to say the Russions didn’t come back over the line although they always had their troops within eyesite aong the borders outside of Fulda, Germany. The cold war was in full swing. I received an honorable discharge.

Jack Livengood – Served 1966-1973
Air Force (Air Nat’l Guard) 142nd Fighter Group.

Byron J. Lohman – Served 1984 – 1988
Served in the USAF at Los Angeles Air Force Station. I served as contract negotiator for the Anti-Satellite and Space Shuttle based SDI (Star Wars) experiments, Project Engineer for the F-15 GPS Receiver and as Assistant Executive officer for the Commander, Space Systems Division. Honorably discharged as Captain in 1988.

Edward J. Marteka – Served 1965-1966
I took ROTC in college and as a Lt I was an Airborne officer assigned to a STRAC unit. Trained at Fort Gordon and Fort Benning, I jumped out of C 130’s as a stick leader. Later, I was a Commanding Officer of a 600 man Company, for which I earned an Army Commendation Medal. I loved the Army.

Ray Martin – Served 1965-1969
I was in the Navy for four years. However, I was never on a ship, I was always stationed with the Marines, since I was a Hospital Corpsman.

Dan Mobley – Served 1962-1965
I was honorably discharged from the Marines in January 1965, after three years of service. I served at the Cuban Crisis and then in Okinawa and Japan for two years. I was a corporal when I left.

Frank Montiforte – Served 1955-1957
US Army 7th Army Transportion Corps. stationed in Zirndorf, Germany.

Leslie Munger – Served 1976-1979
Iin the Army Reserves for 2 years I was a secretary to the colonel of the Armed Forces Reserve Center. I was in Southern California.

Terry Nelson – Served 1968-1972
I enlisted in the U.S. Navy and grew to the rate of E-5. I was stationed at Naval Air Station Miramar, San Diego with “Fighter Squadron VF-213” (World Famous Black Lions). We flew thirteen F-4 Phantom jets (2 seaters – Pilot and Navigator) on the USS Kitty Hawk-CVA 63 (aircraft carrier). I had three oversea tours (6-9 months each) in the Tonkin Gulf (off Vietnam) on this carrier and with squadron VF-213. During our combat missions, I would work in the pilots Ready Room and man the “sound powered” phones. I would track our pilots/jets departures/arrival times and relay any issues/mishaps to our Squadraon’s Commanding Officer. I am proud to be a Veteran and served our country…even during a time as controversial as the Vietnam War.

Howard Richcreek – Served 1953-1955
I was a Lieutenant in the Air Force during the Korean Conflict. My tour of duty was at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, Alaska.

Stanley Rosenthal – Served 1959-1962
Army 3rd Armored Cavalry F troop for three years. Fort Meade MD and Germany, M 60 Tank Commander SP/4.

Peter Schmidt – 1967-1972
U.S. Army Reserves (USAR) Drill Instructor.With less than 180 continuous active service days, however, I do not qualify for Veteran Benefits.

Roger A. Sullivan – Served 1970-73
U.S. Navy.

Paul Vincent – Served 1958-1962
I served in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years, during which time I was assigned to a helicopter squadron. I spent time in the far east including Okinawa, Japan, the Philippines and finally in Thailand, where we supported the Laotian Army. This was a time leading up to the war in Vietnam.

Scott Woodard Served – 1984-1989
In the U.S. Coast Guard my duties were Search and Rescue and Maritime Law Enforcement. My many titles included Boarding Officer, Coxswain, EMT and Weapons and Petty Officer.

Photo: Palm Springs agent David Cardin in Vietnam, 1969.

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