Thinking About Your Future in Your Current Home? Consider These Points!
If you are considering what to do with your current home and not sure if you should, move, improve, or relocated, consider these points to help decide.
If you are considering your future in your current home, consider these points to determine the best course of action for you and your family.

Should You Move, Improve, or Relocate?

If you are thinking about your current housing situation and evaluating your options, you are not alone. With home prices hitting all-time highs and inventory remaining scarce across the Coachella Valley, many homeowners who are considering their future are facing these three choices: Whether to move, improve their current home, or relocate to another area.

Outside of the physical space of your home, there are several major lifestyle factors to consider when making this all-important decision. To help you determine the best options for yourself, think through each option below and rate it from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest importance:

___ Job opportunities                                                 ___ Regional healthcare centers

___ Convenience to transportation                           ___ Work from home while living anywhere

___ Proximity to extended family members             ___ General perception of the state

___ Live near existing friends                                    ___ How state or local areas vote politically

___ Making new friends                                             ___ Living with a diverse population

___ Live in a major city                                               ___ State and local taxes

___ Live in a small city                                               ___ Live amongst seniors

___ Live in a small town                                             ___ Financial health of a potential state

___ Live near a major airport                                    ___ Live near a university or college town

___ Convenience to museums, culture, etc.           ___ Pet-friendly amenities

___ Parks and recreation opportunities                   ___ Convenience to places of worship

___ Live near a major hospital                                  ___ Cost of housing

___ Home acreage                                                     ___ Climate change and rising sea levels

___ Quality of education for your children              ___ Concerns about natural disasters

___ Dining and shopping opportunities

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