The Top Reasons To List Your Home In The Summer, Part 2
There are many benefits to listing your Coachella Valley home for sale in the summer.
There are many benefits to listing your home for sale in the summer.

In the first edition of our summer sales series, we listed out four prime reasons for listing during the summer. You may read that piece again here to refresh. In addition to benefits of listing when inventory is low, there are seasonal benefits to listing in the summer.

  1. Tax Season Is OVER!

Taxes have been paid for months now (hopefully!), so some people may be breathing a sigh of relief and looking forward, while others who were lucky enough to get a refund have money to spend, which brings us to point number 2 . . .

  1. Buyers Have More Down Time In The Summer

Full time Coachella Valley residents have a bit of a lull in the summer months because of the seasonality of the market. Business is a little slower for local industries, teachers (and students) are off, and out of area buyers cash in their vacation hours to take time off in the summer to visit the Greater Palm Springs area. More down time turns into more time spent researching the market and looking for homes, which also leads us to point number 3 . . .

  1. Only SERIOUS Buyers Are Out In The Summer

If someone is looking in the middle of the summer and enduring the dry heat of the Coachella Valley, they are serious about their home hunt and are looking to move. Which leads us to our last point . . .


With fewer homes on the market and a limited window to make a decision, buyers feel an urgency to buy. If your home isn’t listed, it can’t be sold!

The Orange County and San Diego real estate markets are in the prime of their season this time of year, and for many of the same reasons as listed above. With working professionals taking time off to enjoy a summer vacation, and with the kids out of school for the summer, the third quarter is one of the busiest in Southern California. If you are considering whether now is the time to list or buy a home, contact one of our real estate professionals to help you evaluate your options.

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