Splash House 2018 Returns For Another Fun-Filled Weekend

Splash House 2018 takes over Palm Springs August 10-12, 2018.
Splash House 2018 blends the energy of a giant pool party with the robust beats of a nightclub, creating an incredible weekend of fun in the Palm Springs sun.

Splash House 2018 Parties on in Palm Springs

Splash House 2018 is back for another installment of fun in the sun. The semi-annual music festival hits the pools of Palm Springs Friday, August 10th, through Sunday, August 12th. Featuring live DJ sets paired with some of the finest pools in Palm Springs, Splash House brings a party like no other to the SoCal desert. Hotels hosting this wet and wild time include The Renaissance, The Riviera, and The Saguaro.

For more information on Splash House 2018, including the full lineup, check out the festival website. The event is sold out, however, you might be able to score some tickets on the fan-to-fan exchange.

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