Suzanne Serrano Joins Bennion Deville Homes Palm Desert San Pablo
Bennion Deville Homes welcomes REALTOR Suzanne Serrano to the Palm Desert San Pablo office.
Suzanne Serrano, REALTOR, joins the Palm Desert San Pablo office of Bennion Deville Homes.

Welcome Home, Suzanne Serrano

Suzanne Serrano, REALTOR®, joins the Palm Desert San Pablo office of Bennion Deville Homes, located at 44-530 San Pablo Avenue, Suite 101. Suzanne is a resident of both Yucaipa and Palm Desert and serves home buyers and sellers throughout the East Valley and Coachella Valley. Prior to entering real estate full-time, Suzanne worked for the San Bernardino trial courts for 41 years, carving out a reputation as a friendly and fair professional while gaining impressive skills working with people from all walks of life. “I worked with a broad spectrum of people who were coming through our court for different reasons each day,” Suzanne says. “My goal was to be friendly and make everyone feel welcome. As a result, we built a positive atmosphere and a strong reputation at the courthouse. My goal is to share that same friendly, welcoming approach with my real estate clients. Dedication to customer service is a cornerstone of my success.” Real estate is a family business for Suzanne. Her grandfather owned several properties that her family managed, and her sister, Priscilla Bowler, is now her colleague at Bennion Deville Homes. “I have seen firsthand how buying and selling real estate, both as a profession and for personal financial growth, can have a tremendous impact. My family has always been involved in the industry in some capacity, and I am excited to carry on that tradition. I have had great experiences buying and selling many properties over the years, so my goal is to offer that same level of service, expertise, and results for my clients. There are so many home ownership and investment opportunities out there for people and I want to encourage my clients to explore their options and do what’s best for them with an optimistic outlook,” Suzanne continues. In addition to her friendly approach to client service and cheerful attitude, Suzanne understands how to build a successful business. “Dependability, loyalty, and knowledge are the keys to my success. I want to help others and be a resource for them by talking them through a situation or explaining a process so they gain knowledge from our discussions. At my core I am a people person and ask a lot of questions about others, which is essential to getting to know someone and also identifying what it is they are looking to accomplish. This helps me deliver the best possible results for them.” Suzanne is able to multi-task under pressure and is known for getting things done, producing successful outcomes through creative problem solving and savvy. Outside of her desire to help others achieve real estate success, Suzanne is passionate about enhancing her local community, including donating her time doing various things for the Redlands Bowl and volunteering at her church. “My work with the Redlands Bowl includes all kinds of activities, such as greeting guests, collecting donations, handing out items, and being useful any way that I can. I also volunteer on the Redlands Bowl Golf Classic which is a key annual fundraiser. I want to do my part to make our communities a better place to live and to create the best possible environment for everyone to enjoy.” Suzanne decided to join Bennion Deville Homes for a few key reasons, including the company’s exceptional reputation and brand and agent support. “We are well known in the desert and around Southern California, and everyone I know who is affiliated with Bennion Deville Homes, including my sister Priscilla, only had positive things to say. The homes we represent are always of quality, and our branding and advertising is sharp. Plus, Bennion Deville Homes offers everything I need to grow professionally. I am excited and honored to be associated with Bennion Deville Homes,” Suzanne concludes. Adds Managing Broker Tish Herwig, “Suzanne Serrano has the attitude, drive, and compassion to go far with our office. She is committed to her clients and will do everything in her power to make sure that she comes through for them. We are happy to welcome Suzanne to our Palm Desert office and look forward to a prosperous partnership with her.”

About Bennion Deville Homes

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