Serge & Toni Kick Off 10 Years of Real Estate Sales
Serge & Toni - A Winning Combination
Serge & Toni + Windermere = A Combination that Really Works

Real estate is full of personalities, of that there is no doubt. In a valley known for being a playground retreat for celebrities and Presidents alike, you might expect the personalities to be larger than life. Enter Serge & Toni, a sales force that has wowed clients for years in the Coachella Valley.

Prior to selling real estate, Serge represented major corporations in retail marketing, sales and product development. He served as Vice President of a large retail chain for 8 years and formed Center Marketing in 1983 to service the outlet shopping center industry that was beginning to emerge. Serge’s interest in real estate came with his move from Carmel, California, to our beautiful desert community. His past expertise in business, sales and marketing created a natural path to success in real estate sales.

Toni enjoyed a 25-year career in real estate finance and branch office administration before making the move into sales. Her extensive background in finance includes origination, processing and underwriting of FHA/VA, FNMA and FHLMC as well as convention loans. Additionally, Toni worked in funding, insuring/guaranteeing and shipping to institutional lenders. After moving to the desert, Toni incorporated General Loan Services and operated as an off-site Lender Representative for local developers. As Serge and Toni will tell you, “Experience isn’t expensive; it’s priceless.”

“We take pride in providing personal, face-to-face service and communication in a world of pushing buttons, clicking links and leaving messages,” Serge remarks.

“Serge and Toni continue to provide a high level of service to their clients,” confirms Don Rossignol, Managing Broker at the Windermere Real Estate office in Rancho Mirage (71691 Highway 111). “Their standards of work ethic and integrity have really elevated the real estate profession.”

“We highly prize the commitment and professionalism that Serge & Toni have always brought to their work with Windermere,” notes Bob Deville, co-owner of Windermere Real Estate Southern California. “We are delighted to celebrate the beginning of their 10th year with us.”

The dynamic team of Serge and Toni are committed to listening and responding to the needs of their clients. Windermere Real Estate Southern California is dedicated to providing its agents and their clients with all of the tools necessary for successful transactions. Serge & Toni plus Windermere Real Estate equals a combination that really works!

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