The Art of Real Estate Draws Agents to Windermere
Agents from Windermere Real Estate Southern California's Palm Springs Main Office
Jerry Foshee and Brian Wilson join the family of professional real estate agents at Windermere’s Palm Springs Main office.

Windermere Real Estate Southern California welcomes Jerry Foshee and Brian Wilson to the Palm Springs Main office at 850 N. Palm Canyon Drive. Both Jerry and Brian have a passion for real estate and a great appreciation of art and architecture, but it was Windermere’s reputation for unparalleled agent support and market leadership that was the deciding factor for each of them when searching for a leading real estate company.

“Brian’s wide range of experience in both residential and commercial real estate will be a great asset to his clients,” said David Cantwell, Managing Broker for the Palm Springs Main office. “He’s serious about the art of real estate and brings a high level of energy and professionalism to his clients’ needs.”

Brian has worked in real estate in Southern California since 1998. “I’ve always been interested in the business, architecture and lifestyle of real estate,” shared Brian. An artist himself working in abstract and mixed media applications, Brian also sits on the Palm Springs Art Museum’s Artists Council. “Like every work of art, each client is a brand new ‘project’ constantly evolving and very exciting.”

Brian’s enthusiasm for real estate isn’t abstract like his art though. He has an extensive history in commercial sales and development, residential sales and leasing throughout our Southern California areas. Brian enjoys an impressive history of securing sales and investments from high-end luxury properties to REO and short sale properties.

“We are always on the lookout for the finest professional real estate agents in markets where we work,” said Bob Deville, co-owner of Windermere Real Estate Southern California. “As a result, Windermere agents offer a wide range of experience in real estate and related industries that we accentuate with continued education and a large variety of agent support systems. The combination of their skills and knowledge and Windermere’s high level of support and leadership yields satisfactory results for our buyers and sellers.”

Jerry Foshee’s work in real estate pairs well with his appreciation of architecture. “I can see the potential as well as artistry in every structure. It’s a pleasure to search for properties on behalf of and with my clients,” Jerry noted. “Clients seem to enjoy my vision as well as my no-nonsense approach.” Jerry has bought and sold real estate as a personal investor for 20 years, so his clients find him very approachable and sympathetic in their quest to find the right home or investment.

Jerry’s background includes 20 years in business and operations management as well as 10 years of military service in the United State Navy. “Jerry brings a very focused and disciplined set of eyes to the transaction process,” remarked David Cantwell. “I expect great things from Jerry’s work and Windermere looks forward to providing him with extensive support to help his business grow.”

“While interviewing other companies in the Palm Springs area, both Windermere agents and non-Windermere agents complimented and recommended Windermere for their support staff, training and stellar reputation,” shared Jerry.

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