Windermere Real Estate Welcomes Kristine Kirk and Tess Sherman
Windermere Real Estate Southern California Welcomes Kristine Kirk & Tess Sherman
Kristine Kirk and Tess Sherman join Windermere Real Estate Southern California.

Windermere Real Estate Southern California welcomes Kristine Kirk and Tess Sherman. Kristine and Tess share common traits which agents at Windermere Real Estate are known for: professionalism, integrity and a strong desire to ensure the best possible real estate transactions for their clients.

“We hold our agents to the highest standards in their transactions on behalf of their clients. It is always a privilege to have honest, hard-working agents come to us to help grow their business. Kristine and Tess are fine examples of the ethical and skilled agents that we are proud to make members of our real estate family,” said Bob Deville, co-owner of Windermere Real Estate Southern California.

Kristine Kirk joins the family of real estate professionals at Windermere’s Palm Desert Portola office located at 72993 Highway 111. With a background in criminal justice, Kristine brings a strong commitment to honesty and integrity to her work. Her love of the outdoors, whether golfing, biking, or playing tennis, makes her a strong advocate for the beauty and advantages enjoyed in our desert communities. Kristine brings that same energy to connecting with buyers and sellers, helping them focus their real estate goals in a productive and rewarding manner.

“Kristine is a bright, vibrant agent who truly puts her clients’ real estate needs and goals foremost,” observed Sandi Richardson, Managing Broker for Windermere’s Palm Desert Portola office. “Kristine has hit the ground running with exceptional follow-through on every detail. I expect Kristine will have no trouble growing her client base. She truly does real estate the right way, with integrity and diligence.”

Tess Sherman brings her 25 years of experience as a mortgage banker to Windermere’s La Quinta office at 47-250 Washington Street. Tess’ history in real estate lending covers the gamut from owning her own mortgage banking company to assisting other originators as a wholesale account executive. Tess’ background puts her in a unique position to see her clients’ real estate transactions from more than just the property side. Her buyers can count on her facilitating their purchases while also working closely with their financing source. Tess’ knowledge of every aspect of real estate from property assessment to the final stages of financing ensures that her clients will be pleased with her results.

“I am thrilled to have an agent of Tess’ caliber joining our office,” said Sandy Beakey, Managing Broker at Windermere’s La Quinta office. “Tess’ rich experience in the mortgage and financing aspects of real estate will be an incredible asset to her clients. She also brings an enthusiasm for the industry that is catching and I anticipate that Tess will be an energetic presence in the office.”

Windermere Real Estate Southern California welcomes Kristine and Tess to their family of real estate professionals.

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