Bennion Deville Homes Top Donor In 2018 PSRAR Food Drive
Bennion Deville Homes was the top donor in the 2018 PSRAR Food Drive. Dean Foster and Tim Metz were on hand to accept the honors and pose with "Sock it to Me" volunteer Johnsie Walsh, a fellow Bennion Deville Homes agent.
Bennion Deville Homes Palm Springs South Managing Broker Dean Foster (left) with REALTOR Johnsie Walsh and Assistant Branch Manager Tim Metz. Dean and Tim accepted the winning honors on behalf of Bennion Deville Homes during the 2018 PSRAR Food Drive results party.

The 2018 PSRAR Food Drive Was A Huge Success

The 2018 PSRAR Food Drive, titled Feed the Hungry, raised more than $127,000, blowing away the stated goal of $50,000. Bennion Deville Homes took home top honors with a combined donation tally of $38,409. The Palm Springs South office was the winning contributor with an overall total of $26,629. This annual drive benefits Well in the Desert, a local non-profit organization that offers a variety of programs to the underprivileged in the Greater Palm Springs Area, including meal service, cool down areas, and more.

The final scoreboard of the 2018 PSRAR Food Drive shows Bennion Deville Homes as the top donor. The fundraiser was a huge success, more than doubling its goal.
The final tally of the 2018 PSRAR Food Drive, which shattered the fundraising goal of $50,000 by collecting over $127,000 worth of goods and cash.

“Bennion Deville Homes is proud to take home the honors as the top fundraiser in this year’s PSRAR Feed the Hungry food drive,” states Dean Foster, Managing Broker. “The friendly competition is always popular among our agents, staff, and clients but the underlying cause is crucial to our community. What Well in the Desert does for the Greater Palm Springs Area is vital to helping those who need assistance now and then with a hot meal, new clothing, and other necessities to live a better quality of life. We are honored to continue the long-standing partnership Bennion Deville Homes and PSRAR enjoy with Well in the Desert and would like to thank everyone who donated items or money. Their contributions helped us raise more than double the goal we set for this year’s drive.”

“We commend all PSRAR members for the exceptional participation in this year’s Feed the Hungry drive, and I am especially proud of the combined efforts of our Bennion Deville Homes offices,” says Bob Deville, Co-Owner of Bennion Deville Homes. “The generosity of our agents, clients, and friends and neighbors allowed this event to be another huge success and gave us the honor of being the largest contributor to this worthy cause. Well in the Desert will be well-stocked between now and the start of the desert season and we are happy to have played a large role in making that happen. Congratulations to all on another banner year, we look forward to the friendly competition again next year.”