Bennion Deville Homes La Quinta Sees Oasis Elementary Students Off For Summer
The 4th grade classes at Oasis Elementary School were visited recently by agents and staff of the Bennion Deville Homes La Quinta office.
Members of the Bennion Deville Homes La Quinta office recently visited their 4th grade classes at Oasis Elementary School to see the kids off for the summer. From left to right: George Baca, Sandy Beakey, Scott Woodard, Lisa Schneider, Kitty Goff, Roger Sullivan, Elaine Leib, Lisette Molinda, Karen Gallardo, and Dawn Thomas.

A Summer Send Off For Oasis Elementary School 4th Graders

Agents and staff from the Bennion Deville Homes La Quinta office, located at 47-250 Washington Street, recently visited the 4th grade classes they support at Oasis Elementary School in Thermal for the last trip of the schoolyear. Managing Brokers Sandy Beakey and George Baca, along with REALTORS® Scott Woodard, Lisa Schneider, Kitty Goff, Roger Sullivan, Elaine Leib, Lisette Molina, Karen Gallardo, and Dawn Thomas, spent the morning with the kids to celebrate the end of class and send everyone off for summer in style. The office visits the students two other times throughout the year, at back-to-school to give out school supplies and during the holidays to hand out presents.

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“Our final trip of the year to Oasis School was so much fun,” says Sandy Beakey, Managing Broker. “The students were all very excited to see us and celebrate the end of the school year and the start of summer break.” Members of Bennion Deville Homes La Quinta brought the children books for summer reading as well as toys and healthy snacks and drinks. “This visit is always special because the gifts we bring them are so greatly appreciated. It is also nice to know that we are encouraging the kids to read as a part of their summer activities and continue their education independently,” adds George Baca, Managing Broker.

Bennion Deville Homes began working with Oasis Elementary School 4th graders after learning that only one of the four classes was receiving support from an outside entity. Agents and staff began visiting three 4th grade classes and the special needs children three times a year with the items given to each student varying based on the season. The bond between the students and Bennion Deville Homes remains strong throughout the years, with the kids referring to them as their “Fairy Godmothers and Godfathers.”

When Bennion Deville Homes first began working with Oasis Elementary School, the school was on a dirt road with no heating or air conditioning and with access to scant resources. Now, the school continues to grow, including a music room and program for the children to enjoy. Bennion Deville Homes agents helped to kick-start the program by donating a piano, violin, drumsticks, and a drum set. “We love coming to the school and interacting with the kids. It is a very moving experience to know that we are making such a big impact in their lives. Our partnership is special, and we look forward to continuing to visit for years to come,” Sandy concludes.

“We are extremely proud of the longstanding relationship the La Quinta office has built with the Oasis School and the families of the surrounding community,” adds Bob Deville, Co-Owner of Bennion Deville Homes. “We strive to partner with and give back to members of our community who may need a little bit of help throughout the year. To know our efforts are improving the lives of many is a tremendous feeling and a great accomplishment that makes us proud of everyone involved. We would like to congratulate Sandy, George, and the La Quinta offices on their successful support of the 4th graders at the school and encourage them to continue their special relationship with the school and its students.”

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