No Payments For The Rest Of Your Life

What do a “Reverse Mortgage” and a “Paid up Life Insurance Policy” have in common? According to agent Bonnie Peabody, “You don’t have to make payments on either for the rest of your life (if your are 62 or better).”
Bonnie offers Janet and Tom as an example. Both are 74 and they want to purchase another home after they sell the old family home up north. They agree on a sales price of $300,000 and want to keep some of the proceeds of the sale on their home in the bank. They do a reverse mortgage for $197,711. and put the remaining cash, $102,289, into their new home.

The couple now have NO monthly payments as long as they live in the house. This is without credit or income qualifications.

For further details you can contact Bonnie by visiting her website.

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