Michael Peet-Paduano is a Crucial Voice on the Rancho Mirage Housing Commission
Bennion Deville Homes Palm Desert San Pablo REALTOR Michael Peet-Paduano serves as the Chair of the Rancho Mirage Housing Commission.
Michael Peet-Paduano, REALTOR with the San Pablo office of Bennion Deville Homes, was recently extended as the Chair of the Rancho Mirage Housing Commission, pushing his term into 2021.

Michael Peet-Paduano Finds A Home on the Rancho Mirage Housing Commission

Michael Peet-Paduano, a REALTOR® with the Bennion Deville Homes Palm Desert San Pablo office, combines his passion for helping others with his prowess as a real estate professional to serve as Chair on the Rancho Mirage Housing Commission. Recently, Michael’s term was extended an additional 9 months, pushing his service time into 2021.

As a full-time real estate professional for over 20 years, Michael has the professional background to help guide key housing decisions the city needs to make about multi-family properties it provides to low-income residents. Since the city-owned properties are for residents who are 55+, Michael’s experience working with seniors and providing yoga in place classes (a personal passion he shares with others) is helpful in understanding the needs of this segment of the population. “It is important to be a voice for the city and the community,” Michael states. “There is a wide gap of citizens in Rancho Mirage, and many people overlook the aging community, especially those within the aging community who have a fixed income. I believe everyone deserves to live a physically and mentally happy and healthy life, starting with a safe and secure place to live. Since many with a fixed income are priced out of the rental market, this housing is essential to providing a better quality of life for all. The rent savings realized can go to essentials like food and medical bills.”

As Chair of the Rancho Mirage Housing Commission for the last 2 years, Michael and the other members of this body have made crucial decisions around public housing in Rancho Mirage. In the last 24+ months, they have installed solar panels, repaved parking lots, and provided each resident with an earthquake preparedness kit. Additionally, they review budgets and rates and make recommendations to the city. “Our role is to set policies that define housing goals and to address housing for both the short and long-term in Rancho Mirage. In addition to focusing on daily operations like building maintenance and serving the current tenants, we work closely with the HCD (California Department of Housing and Community Development) on long-term issues. We are currently planning 2021 through 2029 with the HCD, establishing guidelines and looking at things like the number of units to provide while also identifying other key issues. Whether it impacts the present or future, we want to establish a positive environment and a safe place to live.”

Michael earned his spot on the Rancho Mirage Housing Commission by first applying for the role, followed by an interview with a council member. Based on the interview, he was then recommended to serve a term and voted in by the Mayor and the City Council. “My children were there when I was sworn in, which was really special to all of us. I want to set a great example for my kids, so having them there for that moment was nice. It reinforces the values and goals I am trying to instill in them as people.” Although he is not sure about his long-term plans once his current term is up, Michael hopes to get more people involved on the commission. “I welcome and encourage others to join. Fresh blood and ideas are essential to elevating the quality of our commission and also to addressing the issues we handle.”

Serving the community is a huge part of Michael’s life, both professionally and personally. His real estate career has allowed him to help people from all walks of life with a variety of needs, from purchasing vacation homes to first-time homebuyers, while serving on the Housing Commission is an extension of that life-long commitment to service. “Real estate has offered me the opportunity to help others in unique ways as a profession, and for that I am very grateful. My parents encouraged me to give back to others any way that I can. Because of those early lessons it has always been important to donate my time and talents to causes that are meaningful to me. It feels good to share my skills to help others and our local community. Additionally, Bennion Deville Homes has established a strong track record of partnering with causes to make our desert communities a better place to live, so I am living by example through those principles as well,” Michael continues.

Outside of his work on the Rancho Mirage Housing Commission, Michael has volunteered in many formal, professional capacities at both state and local levels and also in informal ways, such as helping out at his kids’ school. “Everyone has time to give back, even if it’s volunteering once a year. As real estate professionals especially, we have a responsibility to be involved in policy and politics to make sure that the communities we serve thrive and are enjoyable places for all to live. I have always tried to be ‘awake’ in our community by identifying issues and being part of their solution as a result,” Michael adds.

States Bob Deville, Co-Owner of Bennion Deville Homes, “We are proud of Michael Peet-Paduano for his service to the community of Rancho Mirage. We work in a profession that can be all-consuming, so the fact that he donates a large portion of his energy, focus, and effort to give back is commendable and impressive. What the Rancho Mirage Housing Commission does to ensure residents have access to affordable housing is vital to creating a positive environment for all. We wish Michael and his colleagues on the commission the best of luck with serving the remainder of their terms.”

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