Justin Dees Joins Paul Kaplan Group with Bennion Deville Homes
Bennion Deville Homes welcome REALTOR Justin Dees to the Paul Kaplan Group in Palm Springs
Justin Dees, REALTOR, joins Paul Kaplan Group with Bennion Deville Homes.

Welcome Home, Justin Dees

Bennion Deville Homes proudly welcomes REALTOR® Justin Dees to the Paul Kaplan Group Palm Springs, located at 201 North Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 120, in the heart of the Downtown Palm Springs village. Justin helps his clients purchase, sell, and invest in properties across the Coachella Valley, specializing in Palm Springs where he is a resident.

Prior to entering the real estate industry, Justin enjoyed a 20-year career in the medical field working in radiology. Over the course of his tenure as an MRI technologist he polished many critical skills that key his success in real estate. He can talk to and quickly connect with others and is very detail-oriented and organized. “You can say that I know no strangers,” Justin chuckles. “I wanted to continue to help others beyond my medical career and have always loved real estate, so making that career shift was a logical step for me. I am confident in my ability to help my real estate clients succeed because I care about the results I can get for them.”

The motivation for Justin to earn his real estate sales license goes deeper than a desire to help others. As with many people, he felt the effects of the 2000s real estate market crash personally. “I bought my first home in 2008 at the height of the market. It was a horrible experience personally which created some anxiety for me. However, having been through that dark time and now on the other side, I want to use my personal experience and story to help others through the process. I understand how stressful buying and selling a home can be, and I also know how to talk to my clients about what to expect so they have a smooth, positive outcome,” Justin continues.

Justin genuinely enjoys the real estate industry and is constantly expanding his knowledge and skillset. He has experience investing in real estate and shares his insight with clients looking to identify and acquire properties that suit their investment goals.  “I have always been interested in seeing someone’s property and how they’ve improved it. Everyone has a story so getting to know the homeowner, their home, and how those two are connected has always been intriguing to me. The key to my success is to keep learning as much as possible and growing so I can be the best professional for my clients.”

Part of Justin’s medical career includes 5 years as a travel healthcare worker where he would stay in one place for months at a time and then move on to the next stop. He spent many years in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other cities. Upon a visit to Palm Springs, Justin fell in love the area and decided that the desert is the right place for him to call home. “Palm Springs has an unrivaled lifestyle and offers the best of all worlds. The people and culture are fantastic, with a community-oriented approach and a slower, tranquil pace of life. I lived and worked in large cities for most of my life, so Palm Springs is the perfect place for me to lay down roots. Plus, if I ever want to go to L.A. or anywhere else in Southern California, it’s a 2-hour drive to escape for a day or a long weekend. I feel grounded here and enjoy sharing that perspective with clients who are looking to make a similar change or want the option to come here as a part-time resident,” Justin adds.

Outside of his love of homes and helping others, Justin is an avid yoga practitioner and enjoys traveling. Thanks to a prominent social media presence and passion for the practice, he has been able to combine both. “My yoga journey began with a 30-day yoga challenge in 2010. Twelve years later I am still practicing yoga multiple times a week and love it. I have met so many cool people, traveled all over the world, and seen so many amazing things because of yoga,” he adds.

Justin joined The Paul Kaplan Group Palm Springs with Bennion Deville Homes after speaking with some close friends who are also part of the team. “When I bought my home in Palm Springs, I worked with two Paul Kaplan Group agents. We remained friends and they encouraged me to earn my real estate license. They had only positive things to say about Paul Kaplan Group, Bennion Deville Homes, and their experiences here. I trust their opinions and judgement so decided that I would join them at Paul Kaplan Group,” Justin concludes.

Adds Bennion Deville Homes Managing Broker Dean Foster, “Justin Dees is a nice addition to Bennion Deville Homes and he fits in perfectly with Paul Kaplan Group. His commitment to his clients, desire to grow professionally and personally, and affable personality give him the qualities required to be a successful real estate professional. We welcome Justin to Bennion Deville Homes and look forward to working with him.”

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