Household Items Created by Black Inventors We Enjoy Today
You have so many modern day comforts thanks to the wit and vision of countless Black inventors - here are a few household items that were invented by Black inventors.
Check out these notable household inventions created and patented by Black inventors over the years.

Celebrating Black History Month By Spotlighting Everyday Items Created By Black Inventors

To celebrate Black History Month this year, we are going to showcase everyday items you use around your house to create a more enjoyable lifestyle that were created by Black inventors. From appliances to useful cleaning items, and so much more, your daily life – and in some cases survival – relies on these inventions.

1. Clothes Dryer, George T. Sampson

George T. Sampson patented the automatic clothes dryer in 1892.
The automatic clothes dryer was patented by George T. Sampson in 1892.

In 1892, George T. Sampson patented the automatic clothes dryer to help dry clothes faster. His invention paved the way for modern clothes dryers by eliminating the need for an open flame and automating what was typically a hand-done process.

2. Modern Toilet, Thomas Elkins

The modern toilet was invented by Thomas Elkins.
Thomas Elkins patented the modern toilet, which he dubbed the “chamber commode.”

Credited with several inventions, Thomas Elkins also patented a modern toilet. This invention, which he called a “chamber commode,” combined a, “bureau, mirror, book-rack, washstand, table, easy-chair, and earth-closet or chamber-stool.”

3. Heating Furnace, Alice H. Parker

The natural gas furnace was patented by Alice H. Parker.
Alice H. Parker patented the natural gas furnace.

If you have a central heating system in your house, then you can thank Alice H. Parker for inventing it. During a time where most homes were heated by a wood-burning fireplace, Parker designed a system that uses natural gas to heat the whole home.

4. Mobile Air Conditioning Unit, Frederick M. Jones

Your fresh produce and perishables are transported safely due to the mobile air conditioning unit, invented by Frederick M. Jones in 1938.
Frederick McKinley Jones invented a mobile air conditioning unit to keep refrigerated delivery trucks cold.

Look in your refrigerator and see if you have any fresh produce, meat, or other perishables that came from out of area. If you do, that was made possible by the mobile air conditioning unit invented by Frederick McKinley Jones in 1938 to keep refrigerated delivery trucks cold.

5. Improved Refrigerator, John Standard

The improved refrigerator, with basic cooling concepts still used today, was invented by John Standard.
John Standard patented an improved refrigerator in 1891.

Although he did not invent the refrigerator, John Standard was granted a patent in 1891 for an improved, non-electric refrigerator design. His concept placed the cooling chamber at the top of the box, which then pushed the cold air down through the unit using compressed air and ether. This concept is the basis for most modern refrigerators still used today.

6. Gas Burner, Benjamin F. Jackson

Benjamin F. Jackson patented the natural gas burner in 1899.
The natural gas burner was patented in 1899 by Benjamin F. Jackson.

Enjoy cooking on a gas stove top? Patented in 1899, the gas burner using natural gas was invented by Benjamin F. Jackson.

7. Doorknob, Osbourn Dorsey

Osbourn Dorsey patented the doorknob in 1878.
The doorknob was patented by Osbourn Dorsey in 1878.

Osbourn Dorsey is credited with the creation of the doorknob assembly in 1878. Prior to its invention, most people used a simple latch and string to keep doors closed or used a lock.

8. Home Security System, Marie Van Brittan Brown

Marie Van Brittan Brown patented the modern security system in 1969.
The modern home security system, and closed circuit television, was patented by Marie Van Brittan Brown in 1969.

The modern home security system, and closed circuit television system, was invented and patented by Marie Van Brittan Brown in 1969. This system included peepholes, a camera, a two-way microphone, monitors, and an alarm button that could be pushed to notify the police.

9. Dustpan, Lloyd P. Ray

Lloyd P. Ray patented the dustpan in 1897.
The dustpan was patented in 1897 by Lloyd P. Ray.

Thanks to Lloyd P. Ray and his invention the dustpan, we have a cleaner solution for getting rid of dust and small items after sweeping the floor. The dustpan was patented in 1897.

10. Lawnmower, John Albert Burr

You can thank John Albert Burr for your lusciuosly green and trim lawn - he invented the rotary lawn mower in 1899.
John Albert Burr invented the rotary lawnmower, which was patented in 1899.

In 1899, John Albert Burr was granted a patent for the rotary lawnmower. In addition to the lawnmower, Burr is credited with designing related devices including one that mulches clippings, creating a more luscious lawn to mow.

11. Lawn Sprinkler, Joseph H. Smith

Joseph H. Smith patented the lawn sprinkler in 1897.
The lawn sprinkler was patented by Joseph H. Smith in 1897.

Also related to landscaping, inventor Joseph H. Smith invented the lawn sprinkler, which was patented in 1897. He would later patent an improvement on his original design.

12. Mop, Thomas W. Stewart

Thomas W. Stewart invented the wring mop in 1893.
The wring mop was invented by Thomas W. Stewart in 1893.

Thomas W. Stewart invented the wring mop, an improvement upon the existing mops at the time, with a patent given in 1893. Thanks to Stewart’s ingenuity, mopping the floor became easier and cleaner.

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