House Search Leads To $500 Prize At Windermere Open House Gala

andi helgen and susan irving open house winner 2010

Susan Irving of Palm Desert is the winner of the Windermere Real Estate Coachella Valley $500 Gift Certificate, awarded to the winning entry submitted during their Open House Gala.

Susan Irving attended Windermere real estate agent Andi Helgen’s open house in Sun City Palm Desert, during Windermere’s two-day Open House Gala, over the Easter weekend. Irving was just one of two hundred attendees who entered to win during the Open House Gala, which showcased more than 100 desert properties during two days. The Gala was open to the public and attendees could enter their names into the drawing at any of the open houses. Windermere holds Open House Galas periodically throughout the year.

Windermere was the first to begin the OPEN HOUSE Gala/Extravaganza/Celebration five years ago. “We are happy to see our fellow real estate companies pick up on our lead. More houses advertised OPEN to the public equates to an increased selection and better informed Buyers,” says Windermere Real Estate Coachella Valley owner, Bob Deville. “Windermere has always understood and embraced camaraderie and the importance of continued cooperation and networking with other realtors and real estate offices.”

Photo: Windermere agent Andi Helgen (left) with winner Susan Irving.

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