Dan Thompson Saves The Day!
Bennion Deville Homes Broker Associate Dan Thompson recently saved a neighbor and their home from a fire.
Dan Thompson, a Broker Associate with Bennion Deville Homes, recently helped save a neighbor and their home by wetting a fire until the fire department arrived

Recently, Dan Thompson, a Broker Associate who has been with Bennion Deville Homes since 2001, saved the day for a neighbor in need when a furnace in their home caught fire. Although Dan regularly puts fires out for his clients, they are usually of a figurative nature. Thanks to Dan’s quick actions and bravery, the damage to the home was limited and no one was seriously hurt.

Firefighters from the Palm Springs Fire Department inspect the roof of a home that caught fire. Bennion Deville Homes Broker Associate Dan Thompson saved the homeowner and their home with quick thinking and bravery.
Palm Springs Fire Department Firefighters inspect the roof of a home that caught fire.

Because of the coronavirus crisis and shelter-in-place orders within the City of Palm Springs, Dan was working from home when he spotted something unusual out the window. “I have been making it a priority to call 15-20 clients a day to check in on them and see how they are doing. I happened to be at home making my calls when I saw smoke coming from my neighbor’s front patio. After the smoke got thicker, I went outside and saw that it was coming from their utility closet.” Inside, Dan found a small fire in the furnace. After alerting the resident in the home of the fire, he called 911 and used a garden hose to battle the blaze, which in a matter of 5 minutes had overtaken the utility closet and was threatening the rest of the home. “I used a neighbor’s hose to put out as much of the fire as I could and to stop it from spreading until the Palm Springs Fire Department arrived. They were incredibly professional and quick to respond. There were a few trucks and about a dozen firefighters who came to put out the fire, check on us to make sure we were all okay, and to inspect the structure for damage.”

After arriving on the scene, the Palm Springs FIre Department put the structure fire out quickly.
The Palm Springs Fire Department was quick to respond to the emergency call and put the fire out within minutes of arriving on the scene.

This scary situation with a happy ending offers a bright moment and a reminder to be there for each other, no matter what. “There were many of us helping, and I am happy that no one was seriously hurt. It is important to watch out for others, especially right now. Everybody needs help in some way or another, so be there for them any way that you can,” Dan concludes.

Adds Managing Broker David Cantwell, “Having worked with Dan for almost 20 years, we know all about his kindness and selfless nature. He has been a hero to many over the course of his career, but his heroics take on a whole new meaning with this act. We are very proud of his quick thinking and bravery in the middle of a crisis and are thankful that everyone is okay.”

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