Creative Marketing Ideas: Thinking Outside the Box
Stay top-of-mind with these creative marketing ideas, sourced from your fellow Bennion Deville Homes real estate professionals.
We are putting together a collection of agent-driven creative marketing ideas to help you stay top-of-mind.

Fresh Ideas to Stay Top-of-Mind

Greetings Bennion Deville Homes Agents! We are putting together a regularly updated list of unique and creative ways for you to stay in touch with your sphere during this time of social distancing. If you are doing something unique to promote your business and stay top-of-mind, please let your broker know. Your idea may be featured below!

Recapping The Mastermind: Tips to Help You NOW!

Check out the latest video from Bob Deville on the agent back end portal with helpful tips to keep your business strong during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Bob Deville recently released a video with essential tips that came out of a mastermind discussion he had with successful brokerage owners and a leading industry news figure. This video is available on the back end of in the online education portal.

“By the time this crisis is over, the way we communicate with our clients and the general public will be very different than what we have been accustomed to. The time is now to adapt and be prepared for that shift. We must embrace change and look positively to the future.” – Bob Deville, Co-Owner of Bennion Deville Homes

Recently, Bob Deville released an update video to all Bennion Deville Homes agents and staff with critical tips for staying productive and proactive while at home on self-quarantine. Below is a quick recap of those ideas as additional ways you can stay in touch with your past, current, and future clients and grow your business and future earnings potential.

Invest in your website: With people staying home and surfing the internet more than ever, now is the time to review your website and see what improvements you can make. Even updates to some images and refreshing text on key pages can make a significant difference in how your site is perceived by site visitors and also give your SEO score a boost.

Plug in to Social Media: If you aren’t already using social media as a component of your marketing efforts, now is the time to jump into it. With access to useful tools and an ability to connect with your audience digitally and in a rich, meaningful way, social media presents the perfect opportunity to promote and grow your business. If you are already using social media, think of ways you can enhance your presence. Perhaps it’s time to jump into making videos or come up with new, relevant post topics to freshen up your feed and keep your audience engaged.

Upgrade and add to your digital marketing: Now is the time to finally launch that eNewsletter, drip campaign, or other digital marketing initiative you have been putting off. For those of you who are already using eBlasts as a part of your regular marketing and communication efforts, remember to make your subject line catchy. Your clients will want to hear from you, but make sure you grab their attention with a clever line.

Earn professional designations & titles: With online courses available, now is a great time to work on yourself and grow your knowledge base with a designation you can use to market yourself in the future. Look at your areas of expertise and find designations that complement you and your business goals. If you haven’t done so yet, perhaps now is a good time to get your broker’s license. You can never have too many credentials.

 Pick up the phone: Communicating with past and current clients is essential to the lifeblood of any business, and right now presents an opportune time to maintain contact in a positive way. Pick up the phone and call your clients to check in on how they are doing. Keep the conversation positive and about them, their family, and their friends. When the present situation is over, they will remember your compassion and think of you when the time is right for them to make their next real estate move.

Call on expired listings: Many homes have been pulled off the market amid this crisis. Reach out to these sellers with a positive, optimistic attitude about our real estate market. Homes are still selling, and buyers are still out there. With the right script, you can secure 1 listing for every 10 calls you make, and some of these sellers may be more serious and realistic on price if they truly want to sell their home.

 Create a friendly competition: For those of you with a business partner or a licensed assistant, challenge them to get new listings. Offer a bonus or reward for each listing they secure. Perhaps if you want to create a friendly competition, see who on your team can get the most new listings with a nice prize at the end, outside of bragging rights. Be creative and make it fun!

Keep it Simple: Letters to Your Sphere

Considering writing a letter to your sphere containing a message of hope, optimism, and compassion to stay top-of-mind and remind them that you are here for them through it all.
Stick to the basics and consider sending a letter to your sphere with a message of hope, optimism, and empathy.

“The Hobin Team sent a letter to everyone at Marrakesh to give them a message of hope and positivity, remind them all of the services our club offers during this time, and to let them know that we will be here for them when the time is right.” – Joan Hobin, The Hobin Team

Sometimes it’s a good idea to go back to the basics. During the current crisis, your sphere – past clients, current clients, farm areas, friends and family, et al – are seeking messages of hope and reassurance through any possible source. Consider writing a letter to them to offer solutions to their immediate problems caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and let them know you are here for them during and after this crisis. What can they do to safely get some fresh air? What useful local services or resources are available to them? Are you doing anything specifically to help others virtually or from afar? What tips or advice do you have that may be unique, uplifting, and memorable?

Think about ways you can connect with them on a personal level. Now more than ever is the time to reach out to others and reinforce your relationships with them. Knowing that you are there for them during what might be one of the darkest periods of their lives will mean that you will be there for them during their brightest, too.

Digital Delight: Electronic Cards

Stay top-of-mind with your clients by sending eCards to clients.
Sending eCards is a great, inexpensive way to stay in touch with clients and let them know you are thinking about them.

“We had already paid the annual subscription to send birthday and thank you cards electronically, which we do every year, so the cost to do this was ZERO for us to do about 500 contacts.

This would be a very inexpensive way for our agents to stay in touch with their sphere of influence during this difficult time, plus there are some great cards there to choose from, funny, serious, all tailored to the type of clientele.” – Jeff Grohs and Michael Donato

Stay top-of-mind with your sphere with eCards for all occasions. Sending good cheer and letting clients know you are thinking of them can go a long way to lifting spirits and creating a positive impression. There are many subscription-based eCard providers so weigh your options and see which one fits with your personality and would resonate best with your client base.

A Sweet Idea: Chocolate Mailer

A custom chocolate bar with your logo and a sentimental postcard will have your clients thinking sweet thoughts about you.
Send some sweet sentiment with a customized chocolate bar and accompanying postcard.

“I had custom logo chocolate candy bars made awhile back to give away. I had a custom postcard made with a picture of chocolates on the front and a message on the back. The message is about caring for your neighbors and helping each other.

I am placing a chocolate bar and a postcard in a padded envelope and mailing to my clients. A bit pricey but it should go a long way in helping them think of me when they need help again.” – Dan Thompson

Talk about a delicious thought! This is a cool way to stay in touch with folks and brighten their day with a sweet treat. There are plenty of online retailers who can create custom items with your logo on them. Before ordering from any vendor, make sure they are still operating in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

Egg-cellent Thought: Seasonal Mailers

The back end agent portal through Custom Xpress, CoreFact, and Deluxe Marketing
You have access to beautiful, pre-made seasonal collateral items through the back end of

“I am doing a 500-mailing flyer for Easter and will keep putting stuff out.” – Shirley McLaughlin

You may order themed mailers through any of our print vendors, including Custom Xpress, Deluxe Marketing, and CoreFact, through our back end website portal. Additionally, our marketing department can help you design a custom card for any holiday or reason, including regular on-going outreach to clients.


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