Creating An Easier Property Search Experience Through Technology
Beautiful images and video are possible with the advent of photography tools such as drones, offering unique perspectives of properties and even creating first-person tours.
Drones and other technology make it possible to capture detailed images and videos of properties.

Incorporating Today’s Technology For Tomorrow

Now more than ever, technology plays a critical role in the home-buying process and has made it easier than ever to research properties for sale. From high-powered search engines bringing the MLS to your fingertips to virtual listing tools such as video and immersive tours presented across a plethora of platforms, we can get an in-depth impression of a home without stepping foot inside it. Leveraging this technology, Bennion Deville Homes recently launched a virtual tours and virtual open houses portal on its website,, along with an integrated map-based search feature, making it easy for home seekers to discover their next abode.

Bennion Deville Homes announces the launch of a virtual tours and virtual open houses page on This web page and search tool will allow users to find homes with these types of assets easier than ever, serving video, interactive maps, and more.
Bennion Deville Homes announces the launch of a dedicated page serving homes with virtual tours and virtual open houses, making it easy to find homes with these features.

Virtual tours have been around the real estate industry for decades. However, with current measures in place to ensure public safety limiting the ability to hold open houses, their popularity has skyrocketed. From photo slide shows set to music to cinema-quality videos shot with drones, virtual tours come in a variety of styles. However, their importance to the industry is as crucial as ever. The same can be said about immersive virtual tours, which put you in a first-person perspective of the home. These 360-degree room tours give an even greater flavor of a property as they provide details on the flow of the layout and give the user control of the tour. As with a traditional video tour, immersive tours have been around, but with open houses not taking place, this tool takes on a whole new level of importance to the interested public and listing agent alike.

On the same level, virtual open houses are not necessarily new to the industry. Savvy agents have been leveraging available technology and platforms to live stream property tours and offer an in-depth look at a home through their own eyes. However, we have reached a point where this technology is being supported and promoted by MLS Boards as a way for agents to conduct business, showcase homes, and generate interest in a listing, all with social distancing and public safety in mind. This recent development is here to stay and will become an important feature for many agents and prospective homebuyers who may not be able to visit a property in person.

“Looking ahead, virtual open houses and the supporting technology will become especially handy for agents who have clients who are out of the area and cannot visit a property in person,” adds Chris Anderson, General Manager of Bennion Deville Homes. “In a traditional second-home market like the Coachella Valley, we expect this to become a routine way to show property to out-of-market clients in advance of an in-person visit. The same goes for supporting virtual tours through video and immersive tour technology. We are just scratching the surface of ways we can utilize these tools to showcase properties to interested buyers from around the world, and I expect that a virtual tour will become a standard part of a property marketing package at some point in the near future.”

About Bennion Deville Homes

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