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Don Garrison, Winner of Jensens Fine Foods Gift Card
Don Garrison, Winner of Jensens Fine Foods Gift Card

Congratulations to the latest recipient of a $50 gift card for Jensens Fine Foods!

Don Garrison of Palm Springs also submitted a ticket in the Windermere Palm Springs South Smoke Tree Commons spring promotion, and became yet another happy winner in our most recent drawing.

Don, originally from Paris, Texas, and now a full-time Palm Springs resident, also maintains a vacation getaway in downtown Seattle.  In 1989, Don first came to town from Scottsdale, Arizona, for Palm Springs White Party (yep, it’s 23 years old, believe it or don’t!).  As happens so often with visitors to our sandy paradise, he was hooked on the Coachella Valley’s sun, mountains and blue skies, cactus, sunsets and gorgeous nights.  He loves the locals, the visitors, and our incomparable casual lifestyle, with endless opportunities for walks, hikes, and chilling with his rescue Dobermans. Laid back. And why not? This is the life!

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