Bennion Deville Homes Proud to Announce a New Era in Northwest Real Estate
Avenue Properties Principals Moya Skillman, Bob Deville, Tere Foster, Bob Bennion, Evan Wyman, and Mary Snyder. Bennion Deville Homes in Southern California and Avenue Properties will enjoy networking opportunities across their respective regions.
Bob Bennion and Bob Deville (seated center and second from left) are joined by (from left) Moya Skillman, Tere Foster, Evan Wyman, and Mary Snyder in founding Avenue Properties in the Pacific Northwest. Bennion Deville Homes agents will enjoy cross-region networking and leads opportunities.

Bob Bennion and Bob Deville, Founders of Bennion Deville Homes in Southern California, proudly announce the formation and launch of their new brokerage, Avenue Properties, in the Pacific Northwest. Joining Bennion and Deville in founding Avenue Properties are some Seattle’s most successful real estate agents, creating a powerhouse real estate brokerage that is already experiencing rapid growth and generating massive buzz throughout the region.

Logo for Avenue Properties
Avenue Properties logo

Avenue Properties is built on the same founding principles as Bennion Deville Homes, which puts the business needs of real estate professionals at the forefront of its model. Agents have access to cutting-edge marketing and technology tools, the sturdy backbone of comprehensive support staff, and the freedom to create and use their own branding and image. This successful blueprint has fueled the steady, rapid growth of Bennion Deville Homes throughout Southern California, and Avenue Properties is poised to carry the baton in the Pacific Northwest, starting in Seattle and Bellevue, with additional offices opening soon.

“We are excited about the launch of Avenue Properties and what this opportunity represents in the market,” states Bob Deville. “We are a brokerage built for agents by agents, which gives us a unique perspective on the industry and what it takes to truly be successful in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. The foundation and sturdy platform we built Bennion Deville Homes upon is the same for Avenue Properties, and based on the immediate interest and excitement from many of our colleagues in the business, I know this formula will produce the same results for us in Seattle and beyond.”

In addition to the fervor stirred up in Seattle, this announcement is creating positive energy in Southern California due to the expanding network that Bennion Deville Homes agents can access in the Pacific Northwest. “There is so much crossover and referral activity between our two regions,” says Bob Bennion. “Many residents of the Pacific Northwest escape the winter and head south to the Coachella Valley, San Diego, and Orange County. Our growth and involvement in multiple regions only strengthens and reinforces the suite of services our agents can offer their clients, and we look forward to deepening our roots while maintaining our commitments to sterling service and helping clients achieve their real estate goals.”

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