Bennion Deville Homes Celebrates 20 Years of Serving the Coachella Valley
Font elevation perspective of the Palm Springs office of Bennion Deville Homes.
The Bennion Deville Homes office along North Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs.

Building a Legacy in the Desert

Bennion Deville Homes, the Coachella Valley’s #1 real estate brokerage, proudly celebrates the anniversary of its founding in Palm Springs 20 years ago. Over the past two decades, Bennion Deville Homes has grown from a one-office boutique brokerage to the dominant company in a competitive desert real estate landscape, and one of the top independent brands in the nation. As a pillar of the local community, Bennion Deville Homes has made a positive impact across the region due to its success in business and commitment to making the Coachella Valley a better place for all who call it home through its philanthropic efforts.

“Today is a significant milestone in the history of our company,” states Bob Deville, Co-Owner of Bennion Deville Homes. “It is truly humbling to look back upon all that we have accomplished over twenty years in business here in the Coachella Valley. While the desert has ascended to its rightful place as a top international resort destination and an exceptional locale to live full or part-time, we have grown with it. As a locally founded and operated business, we feel a special connection with our local neighborhoods and strive daily to enrich the communities in which we serve. We thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support and look forward to serving the Coachella Valley for years to come.”

Hailing from Seattle, where they built a top-producing practice, Bob Bennion and Bob Deville sought to chart a new path for their business in the desert. The symbiotic relationship between the Coachella Valley and the Pacific Northwest, along with other regions with frigid fall and winter climates, made the desert a natural place to explore opportunities for opening their business. Bennion and Deville were invested in the community as residents and wanted to bring their unique vision for the real estate industry to an area that was ripe with potential.

Bennion Deville Homes first office in the Coachella Valley was located at 850 North Palm Canyon in the Palm Springs Uptown Design District.
Bob Bennion and Bob Deville opened their first office at 850 North Palm Canyon Drive in the Palm Springs Uptown Design District, an Arthur Elrod-designed building. The philosophies and practices built at the first location are the driving force behind the company’s storied success.

Starting out as a single office operation, the company quickly expanded across the desert resort cities, stretching from Palm Springs to Indio in strategic locations that allowed for scalable growth off the blueprint of its success at the original office in Palm Springs. Enthusiasm for a fresh face in the market, along with the company’s professionalism and reliability, helped propel its momentum and draw agents of all caliber and experience. The unifying factor for real estate professionals who serve clients from various walks of life is the company’s agent-centric focus. Bennion Deville Homes recognizes that when its agents succeed, the brokerage succeeds, so agents and their clients always come first.

Betting on its real estate professionals and providing everything they need to be successful is what makes Bennion Deville Homes special, and why its agents are more productive on average than their peers at other brokerages. In turn, working with a Bennion Deville Homes agent enhances the client experience because the focus is on what’s best for the client, and the extra oversight encourages a smoother, more enjoyable process. This is the core philosophy enacted by the company from the first day that it opened its doors for business and is the same driving factor today and for the future.

With a storied history and traditions of excellence, quality, integrity, and results-driven service built over the past 20 years, Bennion Deville Homes is poised to continue its sterling legacy in the Coachella Valley and help its clients unlock possibilities for a long time to come.

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