Announcing BD Poems, A Curated Collection of Real Estate Poetry
Check out Bennion Deville Homes newest offering - BD Poems, a curated compendium of original real estate inspired poetry.
Bennion Deville Homes is pleased to present a hardbound book packed with a curated mix of real estate inspired poetry, sure to delight any lover of poetry or real estate.

Bennion Deville Homes is honored to present real estate inspired poetry in a commemorative, hardbound, limited edition book, perfect for your coffee table or open house event. Our experiences across 20+ years in the real estate industry continue to inspire our creative fires and instill in us a deep passion for helping others, and the written (and sometimes spoken!) word. We have found poetry to be cathartic to our process and a great way to celebrate the wins, big and small, that our agents accomplish for their clients every day. We hope you enjoy this sampling of poems from this upcoming volume. Keep scrolling to the bottom for ordering information and details.

The Real Estate Classic

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I wish we had more inventory,
How about you?

Prepping for the Big Day

Turn on the lights, open the doors,
Polish the appliances, sweep the floors,
Prepare refreshments, handle odds and ends,
Only 2 more hours until this house opens.

Home Buying, Made Simple

Fresh on market, improved price,
Open today, isn’t this nice!
Bring your agent, walk the grounds,
Write an offer – present it now!
Terms accepted, then we close,
Time to get moving – we bought a house!

Agents In Motion

Cars to move clients, whether woman or man,
Come in lots of colors, including blue, red, and tan.
Regardless of model, SUV, coupe, and sedan,
Cars in the desert need a good AC and fan.

We have cars that are shiny, and cars that are not,
Cars that are well traveled and fresh off the lot,
Going from point A to point B,
Is a huge part of helping our clients, you see.

Hop in our cars and we’ll show you around,
Driving by houses and throughout the town.
We will be sure to pack lots of water and treats,
We are always prepared to help you find the home of your dreams!

Happy Outcomes

Draw up the contract, this is the one,
Offer accepted – now we’re having fun!
Helping our clients is the best part of our day,
We are here for you in every way!

As Seen On Caravan (Haiku)

The colors of this
Throw pillow remind me of
My Nana’s décor

Decluttering Delights

Floor to ceiling and towering in height
This old magazine collection is a blight.
I also can’t see the bedroom mirror,
Are you sure there’s a floor in here?
It’s time to clean and organize,
No one will buy this home, otherwise!

Ode to the Golf Course Home

Shimmering waters dance reflections in my eyes
While lilac mountains tower above hues of beige and emerald green
Who knew a harsh, barren landscape
Could harness and unleash such ruthless beauty
Now move the cart and find my ball
I think I hit it over that guy’s wall!

An Agent From Palm Springs (Limerick)

There once was an agent from Palm Springs
Who helped clients buy “the one” (not flings)
Their dedication unending
And affiliates included lending
Of their praises everyone sings!

Having Fun On The Most Foolish of Days

We like to have fun, it’s in our nature,
We work hard, play hard – it’s learned behavior.
Although these poems are original and fresh,
We are having fun on April Fool’s Day – what we like to do best!
There is no poem book for sale, we wish it were true,
But we would rather focus on our strength – helping you!
So, one final thought for this very silly day,
Thank you for trusting us in each and every way.
No matter what your goals or needs are, this much holds true,
We will always unlock possibilities for YOU!

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