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Windermere’s Scott Woodard Reaches Blood Donor Milestone

May 18, 2015
Posted by: Bennion Deville News at 10:43 am
Windermere Real Estate Southern California Realtor® Scott Woodard recently donated his 47th gallon of blood.
Windermere Real Estate Southern California Realtor® Scott Woodard recently donated his 47th gallon of blood.

Windermere Real Estate Southern California Realtor® Scott Woodard, who works out of the La Quinta office located at 47-250 Washington Street, gives his blood, sweat, and tears to help clients buy and sell homes in Sun City and Salton City. Scott also gives his blood – more specifically blood platelets – to help save total strangers’ lives, something he has been doing all of his life.

Recently, Scott surpassed the 47-gallon mark of donated blood, a milestone that he plans on eclipsing until he is physically unable to donate. “As long as I can donate, I will,” says Scott, who began donating blood when he was serving in the United States Coast Guard while living in the Seattle area, taking to heart their motto “so others may live.” He estimates that between his time in Seattle, followed by stints in Orange County and San Diego, he has donated an additional 40 times that aren’t accounted for in the 47-gallon total. “I don’t do this for the plaque, I do this to make a difference,” Scott continues. “Many patients would not live without platelet donations, especially those who are undergoing chemotherapy or have a weakened immune system. It feels good to know I am making a difference in someone else’s life during a time of need.”

After serving for five years in the Coast Guard, Scott went into Corporate America for a decade. When an opportunity to help his mother’s desert real estate business arose, he jumped at the chance and eagerly made the switch. “My mom’s business was doing so well she needed the extra help to best serve her clients. We worked very well together, and it gave me a great taste of the business. I love the reward of helping a client find the perfect solution to real estate,” Scott adds. Today, Scott carries on his mother’s legacy by continuing to serve the great communities and people she assisted for decades.

“We are proud of Scott’s selflessness and humble approach to reaching an impressive milestone,” says Sandy Beakey, Managing Broker. “In addition to being a successful real estate agent, Scott is a genuine, compassionate person. Congratulations, Scott, for reaching and surpassing the 47-gallons donated mark!”

For more information on donating blood and the many community benefits it provides, please visit the Red Cross’s website.

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