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Windermere Agent Hits The Waves (Airwaves, that is)

June 12, 2012
Posted by: Bennion Deville News at 7:59 am
Nicole Saltzman of Windermere Real Estate SoCal, La Mesa Village Office
Nicole Saltzman of Windermere Real Estate SoCal, La Mesa Village Office

Windermere La Mesa Village Realtor® Nicole Saltzman got some pretty cool TV time last week. One of her listings is one of the stars of an ABC Channel 10 News clip discussing the San Diego housing market (click here to view the news clip), which is clearly experiencing a newsworthy upswing. As this clip notes, plenty of buyers are looking at these exceptional values, but savvy shopping and careful timing is getting more important. Multiple offers are beginning to move prices up, including an example shown here where more than 40 bids on the same property led to a sales price 22% higher than the original asking price.

The story does, of course, have a happy ending: You can still buy your little piece of Southern California Coastal heaven…there’s just a little more competition out there now.

All the more reason to have a Windermere agent at your side.  

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One thought on “Windermere Agent Hits The Waves (Airwaves, that is)”

  1. Yaay Nicole! Glad to see we’re getting the word out that prices and activity are UP. Should help counter all the negative publicity real estate’s been getting for several years now!

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