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Palm Springs Windermere Offices Contribute To Local School

December 3, 2009
Posted by: admin at 2:57 pm
A BIG Thank you from students at Raymond Cree Middle School
A BIG Thank you from students at Raymond Cree Middle School

Our two Windermere offices of Palm Springs have contributed their time and money to help the students and teachers of Raymond Cree Middle School, as part of our annual company wide Community Service Day. With services and supplies being cut back over the last two years, teachers are forced to spend their paychecks to teach our children.

 On Monday, November 16th, agents and staff presented a $1500 Visa Gift card and numerous school supplies such as the traditional paper, markers, rulers, gardening tools, and a podium for their speech class. “It is the non-traditional supply items that are needed that are not afforded in the school budgets,” says Windermere Office Manager, Frances Chafe.

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